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How to Use the Seat Plug Socket / USB Port

Applicable Aircrafts

Please refer to the seat information of each class.

  • Seat plug sockets and USB port are available only on specific aircraft.

Available period of the Seat Plug socket / USB Port

The power supply is turned off during take-off and landing, as well as when the aircraft is on standby.


  • Please confirm that the power source of your devices are as followings.
    110V/60Hz / Max. power consumption 60W.

  • Their plug must be firmly inserted into the socket without any adapters.

Using a Personal Computer

  1. Connect the AC adapter to your Personal Computer first.

  2. Insert the plug on the AC adapter smoothly and firmly into the plug socket.

Using Other Electronic Devices

Turn on your devices first, then insert the plug on the AC adapter smoothly and firmly into the plug socket.

  • Extension cables are available if your plug cannot be inserted into the socket. (Boeing737 Premium Class and Boeing777-300ER Business Class only)

  • Adapters cannot be used because they may cause the safety mechanism to malfunction, resulting in a short circuit.

  • Plugs with sleeves at the base cannot be plugged into the socket firmly.

The LED light shows the power supply

  • Green→Power supply : Available

  • Red→Power supply : Not Available

Note: Please refer to the following link for the information about using CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) which is used by passengers with sleep apnea syndrome on board. Using CPAP Devices on Board.

Safety Precautions

  • The maximum power supply of seat plug socket is 60W, however it may not be possible to charge your devices depending on socket usage of other passengers.

  • Maximum power supply for each seat group is limited for safety reasons.
    When the power limit is exceeded, the power supply for the passenger next to you will be stopped as well.

  • Our aircrafts are equipped 2 type of USB port, 1.5A and 0.5A, and both of them are available for power supply.
    Depends on the type of your devices, the power may not be enough or your devices are not reflected.

  • Power may be turned off without prior notice in case of system failure or over-consumption.
    When using a laptop computer, we recommend you to back up your data to prevent data loss.

  • Some touch screen devices may respond slowly or behave irregularly after connecting to the seat plug socket.
    They don’t cause any damage to the devices.

  • Please make sure that any ventilation ports on your computer are not covered with blanket etc...

  • Use only cables and equipment in good condition.

  • Cabin attendants are not able to judge whether or not your electronic devices meet the safety precautions given the above.
    ANA is not liable for any damages resulting from use.