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For those customers entering and departing the United States

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced a new baggage inspection system following the introduction of tighter anti-terrorism security measures.

The TSA urges customers departing from or connecting via US airports to leave their checked baggage unlocked.After the inspection, if there were something suspicious detected in the baggage, it might be opened for further physical inspection.

Please be reminded that in certain situations, locked baggage may be opened forcibly by TSA security inspectors without the owner or the operating airline being informed.

For those customers locking their checked baggage

Please be reminded of the new security measures described above. Valuables and high-value items should be packed in carry-on baggage.ANA will not be liable for any damage (including damaged locks) caused by a TSA inspection.

For those customers not locking their checked baggage

Please make sure that valuables and high-value items are not packed in your checked baggage.There is the possibility that they might be lost. In principle, ANA will not be liable for lost items.

Camera films

Please do not pack camera films in checked baggage, as the enhanced security equipment being used for security might damage them. They should be brought into the cabin as carry-on baggage.

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods cannot be taken into the cabin, in accordance with the law.If you require further assistance, please contact our ground staff.


We ask for your understanding and cooperation with this inspection, which is required by the US authorities in order to ensure security.Further information is available on the Transportation Security Administration website (in English).