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ANAアプリ新機能 旅のしおり ANAアプリ新機能 旅のしおり


What Is My Timeline?

This new feature allows you to save your favorite spots when browsing online and create your very own travel timeline.
From flight ticket reservations to schedule planning, this single ANA app will make your trip all the more enjoyable!

We will continue to develop the app through additions and improvements based on your feedback.
We hope you give it a try!


01.Creating Your Timeline

Even if you do not have a reservation, you can make a timeline by tapping the My Timeline button in the lower right-hand corner of the home screen.
You can also add reserved flights to your timeline schedule.

02.Saving Your Favorite Spots

You can save the spots that interest you when browsing online into your favorites on the ANA app.
Gather as much up-to-date information as you can in preparation for your trip.

How to Save from the Browser into Your Favorites


Open the screen you wish to save in your browser, and tap the Share button.


Tap the ANA icon.


Tap the Save button.


The browser page you wish to save will be added to your favorites.

  • We recommend using either Safari (for iPhone users) or Google Chrome (for Android users).

  • Depending on the smartphone, the procedures may be different to those shown in the image.

03.Add Events from Your Favorites

You can add the spots saved to your favorites to your own timeline.
Add things like restaurants, sightseeing spots and souvenir shops to create your very own trip.

04.Display Your Boarding Pass

Register your 2D barcode on your Android device or iPhone (Wallet) to issue your boarding pass and display a link to My Timeline. By using My Timeline, you can have an even smoother boarding experience.

05.Share Your Timeline

Use the "Share by Image" button to screenshot your timeline and save it to your smartphone photo library.
You can share this with the friends or family traveling with you, or keep it as a memory of your trip.

  • All images are for illustrative purposes only.

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