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Crane Riding Club

Required Mileage and Eligible Options

Use ANA Variety Coupons (10,000 Mile Plan) to enjoy a horseback riding experience at one of the 29 Crane Group locations in Japan.

How to Make a Reservation

Please call the relevant riding club. When making the reservation, please state that you will be using coupons.

Click the following link for a list of riding clubs.

Please select the riding club that you wish to visit.

Courses and Fees That Coupons Can Be Used For

1-day Riding Course (including equipment rental and insurance) for 2 people

Please confirm the conditions below before submitting the request.

  • Course Details
    This riding course is intended for beginner-level riders. The lesson covers the basics of horseback riding and includes 30 minutes of actual riding time.

  • Height
    Riders must be at least 130 cm tall.

  • Weight
    Riders must weigh 90 kg or less.

  • Age
    The course is for riders who are 7 to 70 years of age.

  • What to Wear and Bring
    Long pants, socks, gloves, the coupon




    • Terms and conditions apply to the usage of ANA Variety Coupons. Before using them, please confirm the terms and conditions as well as the instructions for their usage.
    • If a coupon is used, the transaction will not be eligible for mileage accrual.

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