Information Regarding Travel from/to Japan and Other Countries


Immigration restrictions and quarantine regulations in each country and region are subject to change at any time.
Passengers are kindly requested to check the latest information on the websites of government bodies, agencies, etc. at their destination and transit points.

Entry Conditions and Quarantine Restrictions for Each Country

Once you have specified search conditions, you can check the travel restrictions and required documents for each country.
You will be redirected to the (external) Sherpa site, where you travel requirements will be consolidated. Please use the website in accordance with its terms and conditions.
The information published on Sherpa may not always be the most up-to-date and the language used may always not be the most appropriate.
Before departure, please ensure you check the latest information from the embassy, consulate and health-related organizations for your passport country (nationality) and your destination.

Search Conditions

  1. Itinerary (round trip/one way)
  2. Connections (with/without)
  3. Vaccinations (complete/incomplete)
  4. Passport country (nationality)
  5. Point of departure/destination
  6. Boarding Date
  • Enter the name of the country (or city) for point of departure/destination.

Entry conditions and quarantine measures in each country are updated daily.
You may not be permitted to enter a country or you may be denied boarding if your travel documents are incomplete.

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