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Information about Diamond Service + More Benefits

ANA Mileage Club members who have fulfilled all 3 conditions during the applicable period will attain a further 2 benefits in addition to the regular Diamond Service benefits, which can be used over one year starting from April of the following fiscal year. 

Conditions for Attaining Premium Status

ライフソリューションサービス利用が多い方向けのステイタス推移。一般会員からブロンズサービス(ブロンズステイタス)、プラチナサービス(プラチナステイタス)、ダイヤモンドサービス(ダイヤモンドステイタス)に段階的にアップ。条件達成でさらなる特典(「ダイヤモンドサービス」+More特典)を贈呈。ライフソリューションサービス利用が多い方向けのステイタス推移。一般会員からブロンズサービス(ブロンズステイタス)、プラチナサービス(プラチナステイタス)、ダイヤモンドサービス(ダイヤモンドステイタス)に段階的にアップ。条件達成でさらなる特典(「ダイヤモンドサービス」+More特典)を贈呈。 ダイヤモンドサービス+More特典 ダイヤモンドサービス プラチナサービス ブロンズサービス ダイヤモンドサービス+More特典 ダイヤモンドサービス プラチナサービス ブロンズサービス


Benefit 1

Special Redemption Rate of 2

A special flat rate of 2 ANA SKY COINS per mile will apply for redemption requests made during

the Diamond Service + More Benefits period.

Example: When redeeming 50,000miles

Standard Handling 85,000 Coins
Diamond Service + More Benefits.100,000 Coins.An Extra 15,000 Coins Compared to Standard Handling

Benefit 2

Diamond Service Member Status
for 1 Family Member Registered with ANA Card Family Miles

One family member (who is registered with ANA Card Family Miles) of a member who has fulfilled the conditions will be presented with Diamond Service Member status for the following fiscal year. 

  • Family members being gifted with Diamond Service Member status must be registered on the same ANA Card Family Miles as the member who has fulfilled the conditions for Diamond Service + More Benefits.It takes time to register, so please register as soon as possible.

  • In the Process for Presenting Diamond Service Member Status shown below, family members must have registered their ANA Card Family Miles by the time of step "register family member" shown in No. 3.

Process for Presenting Diamond Service Member Status

  • The order of 1 and 2 does not affect eligibility.


  • Members fulfilling the conditions for earning Diamond Service + More benefits will receive an email with more details around late February at their registered email address.

  • Unlike regular Diamond Service Members, family members presented with this status will not be eligible for the following services:

    • ANA Upgrade Point accrual

    • Diamond Service Members-only exclusive benefits

    • Diamond Service Members original name tag

    • Eligibility for ANA Super Flyers Card enrollment

    • Eligibility to apply for the ANA diary and calendar

  • The family member presented with Diamond Service status will not receive a Diamond Service Kit and status card. They should therefore use the digital card in their ANA Mileage Club app.