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Conditions for Earning Premium Status

Premium Status for the next fiscal year will be determined based on the Premium Points earned in one year by boarding flights for members who often fly,
and the Life Solution Services used in addition to flights for members who often use services in their everyday life (e.g., shopping).
The Premium Member Services available with the status you attain can be enjoyed from April for the period of 1 year.

What Are Premium Points?

Unlike regular miles that are earned through flights and purchases, Premium Points are accrued for the period of 1 year from January to December for the purpose of attaining a Premium Member status.
You can confirm the number of Premium Points you have earned on the ANA Mileage Club member page on the ANA website.

The Premium Points and ANA Group Operated Flights displayed at the top of the website when you log in are your number of Premium Points.

What Are Life Solution Services?

This is a general term for the various services that people use in their daily lives and excludes flights. One example of a Life Solution Service is shopping services.

  • You will be able to confirm the number of Life Solution Services you have used and the total amount paid for these services on the ANA Mileage Club member page on the ANA website up to late May 2022.

With three levels of service available (Diamond, Platinum and Bronze),
attain a higher status and receive even better services based on the flights and/or services that you use in 1 year.

Members who often fly and members who often have the opportunity to use services in their everyday life can choose the conditions that best fit their lifestyle for attaining a status.

[Photo] The Super Flyers Card

Special invitation to Diamond Service and Platinum Service Members.

Diamond Service and Platinum Service Members receive a special invitation to apply for the Super Flyers Card. Membership allows you to take advantage of higher levels of services during Super Flyers membership.

[Photo] Super Flyers Card

We value the time you have spent with ANA.
With a heartfelt appreciation we created the Million Miler Program.

The total distance you have flown with ANA since joining ANA Mileage Club is "Lifetime Mile". As "Proof of Time" an original name tag has been crafted and awarded to each qualifying members. We offer life long benefits to customers who accumulate 1,000,000 Lifetime Miles on ANA Group operated flights.