How to Use Edy

Edy is a prepaid type e-money system. Edy cards and OSAIFU-KEITAI® (digital wallet) devices do not come with any stored value initially. Customers need to charge value to their Edy accounts before using them.

STEP 1: Obtain an Edy Card or an OSAIFU-KEITAI® (Digital Wallet) Device

Cards which have Edy functionality (ANA Card with Edy function, etc.) and OSAIFU-KEITAI® (digital wallet) devices are able to use Edy.


  • *OSAIFU-KEITAI® is a registered trademark of NTT DOCOMO, Inc.

STEP 2: Charge Value to the Edy Acccount

Charging is possible online, at Rakuten Edy merchants (convenience stores, etc.) throughout Japan, and at Edy Charger terminals.

STEP 3: Make a Purchase at a Rakuten Edy Merchant

To pay for a purchase at any Rakuten Edy merchant in Japan, simply place the Edy card on the reader at the cashier counter. Earn 1 mile for every JPY 200 spent.