Airport Access

This new route finder service makes travel even easier and takes seamless journeys to an entirely new level.

Airport Access. Get information on your route to/from the airport. Reserve ground transportation tickets.

Benefits that Make This Service Convenient and Easy to Use

Get information on the best possible routes to/from the airport for your reserved flight

Have the departure/arrival times and boarding gate for your flight updated in real time

Easily reserve tickets for ground transportation (including trains, buses and taxis)

Access discount tickets and coupons

Partner Services
(Available for reservation after flight ticket reservation)

System Requirements


Browser Google Chrome (latest version)
Safari (latest version)


OS from iOS 11 from Android 5.0
Browser Safari (latest version) Google Chrome (latest version)

If you are considering reserving a flight ticket, we recommend using ANA SORATABI.
This service provides information on the best possible ANA flights and ground transport routes for your schedule. (Available for travel in Japan only.)