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ANA App Making Reservations and Boarding Even Easier ANA App Making Reservations and Boarding Even Easier




The ANA app has been redesigned as of November 6, 2023. The redesign has made the app more user-friendly for all customers.

With ANA SMART TRAVEL, you can use your smartphone or another mobile device
to complete the necessary procedures and access our services during each stage of your trip,
from planning, to the time at the airport and on board the aircraft, and then to the time after arrival.


01. A Single App to Take You from Reservation to Boarding

With this one app, you can complete all the procedures up to boarding including flight ticket, tour and hotel reservations, flight status checks, and online check-in.
By displaying your reservation on the Home screen, you can check your reservation details and the status of your flight.
If you have opted to receive notifications, we will also keep you up to date on the status of your reserved flight.
The app has been redesigned to provide even smoother navigation.
The information you want is available at a glance, making the app convenient for a wider range of customers.

Seaech and Book Flight
Online Check-In
Request standby at the airpoet
Automatic flight status notifizations
Seaech and Book Flight
Online Check-In
Request standby at the airpoet
Automatic flight status notifizations

02. Enjoy a smooth check-in and boarding experience with the app as your guide

With this app, you can check in online, issue your mobile boarding pass, reserve or change your seat, and search for your route to the airport based on your reserved flight (Search Airport Access) for a seamless travel experience up to boarding your flight.
On the reservation card displayed under Home screen, you will be notified in a timely fashion of particularly important information needed at the very moment, based on the relevant step for boarding and the time that has passed.The "Boarding Guide" can be used for both domestic and international flight reservations.
You can use mobile airline tickets to board your flight via the 2D barcodes in the app by simply registering them to your Android device or iPhone (Wallet).

  • See here for further details about online check-in.

  • See here for further details about Search Airport Access.

Mobile Boarding pass
Change Flight/Seats
Mobile Boarding pass
Change Flight/Seats

03. Make the Most of Our In-Flight Internet Access and Entertainment Options

Connecting to our in-flight Wi-Fi not only allows you to surf the Internet, but also gives you access to a fantastic range of in-flight Wi-Fi entertainment. With around 150 entertainment options to choose from, have your fill of television shows, audio programs, e-books and more. Newspapers and the "TSUBASA -GLOBAL WINGS-" in-flight magazine are also available through the app. You can read "TSUBASA -GLOBAL WINGS-" and other magazines and newspapers anytime, anywhere, from before your departure to after your arrival. You don't even have to be on board!

  • See here for further details about  the customers eligible for the magazine and newspaper service.

  • See here for further details about entertainment and Wi-Fi.

In-flight Wi-Fi
In-flight Entertainment
In-flight Wi-Fi
In-flight Entertainment


More convenience with the ANA App!

Make a Reservation

The ANA app allows you to easily make reservations and check seat availability anytime, whether it's in your spare time or while you're on the move.Manage all your flight schedules inside the app.

Plan Your Trip

For travel schedule management, the travel bookmark function is useful for registering not only flight information, but also detailed schedules.Create your own personal travel bookmarks.

Board the Flight

We will provide you with the required information in a timely manner and support you through to the boarding process.For domestic flights, you can check in online via the app, making your journey go more smoothly!

On Board

The ANA app makes your time in the sky even better.Enjoy videos, music, in-flight magazines and even in-flight shopping.


Download Here

Experience Greater Convenience and Comfort with 2 Apps

ANA Mileage Club App

Earn Miles on Everyday Purchases as Well


For Reservations and Boarding


For Mileage Services

ANA Mileage Club App

  • Points to Note upon Use

    • Certain features and design elements vary between the iPhone and Android™ apps.

    • Please note that our apps can be used on iPhones with iOS version 15 or higher, or on Android™ devices with Android™ OS version 9.0 or higher.

    • After April 2023, you can use our apps with iOS version 4.4.34 or higher or on Android™ OS version 4.5.37 or higher. For the best experience, please use the latest app version.

    • This is a smartphone application, so some functions such as issuing and displaying your mobile boarding pass and register in Wallet are not available on the iPad. Your kind understanding is greatly appreciated.

    • Please be aware that our apps may use your location data.

    • Please note that you may receive push notifications on your smartphone if you use the Apple Wallet pass function and there is a change to the status of your flight.

    • Apple Wallet Pass registration is available after online check-in.

    • Our apps are available to download from Apple's App Store (iTunes Store) or Google Play.

    • Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

    • iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple Wallet, App Store and iTunes Store are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries.

    • The display and certain functions may not work properly on devices with screens 4 inches or smaller, including the iPhone SE 1st generation. Thank you for your understanding.

  • All images are for illustrative purposes only.

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