Official Documents

Please bring the original document if you are required to present it at the airport counter.

  • ・Driver's license / Passport
  • ・Health insurance ID card *1
  • ・Resident's card *2
  • ・Ward/city/town/village resident's certificate
  • ・Pension book [Notice of Basic Pension Number]
  • ・Disabled Person's Certificate / Disabled Veteran's Certificate / Rehabilitation Certificate / Health & Welfare Certificate for Persons with Mental Disabilities
  • ・Residence Card (for foreign nationals residing in Japan)
  • ・Basic Resident Registration Card (with photograph)
  • ・Individual Number Card (with photograph) *3
  • ・Mariner's Pocket Ledger, Real Estate Transaction Agent Identification Card, Radio Operator Licence
  • ・Other licenses or certificates issued by public authority
  • *1 If you send a copy of your health insurance card by post, please black out the identifier, number and insured person's ID number (including the QR code if there is one) so that they cannot be recognized.
  • *2 The document should be the one isuued within 6 months.
    Except, it is not requested the issued date when proving the date of birth.
    If you send your certificate of residence by post, please prepare a version that does not indicate your individual number (My Number).
    If your individual number (My Number) is shown on the certificate, please use a marker to black it out so it cannot be identified.
  • *3 Valid only when presented for check-in at ANA domestic airport counter.
    Please do not send a copy to ANA by mailing.