Official Documents

Please bring the original document if you are required to present it at the airport counter.

  • ・Driver's license / Passport / Health insurance ID card
  • ・Resident's card *1
  • ・Ward/city/town/village resident's certificate
  • ・Pension book [Notice of Basic Pension Number]
  • ・Disabled Person's Certificate / Disabled Veteran's Certificate / Rehabilitation Certificate / Health & Welfare Certificate for Persons with Mental Disabilities
  • ・Residence Card (for foreign nationals residing in Japan)
  • ・Basic Resident Registration Card (with photograph)
  • ・Individual Number Card (with photograph) *2
  • ・Mariner's Pocket Ledger, Real Estate Transaction Agent Identification Card, Radio Operator Licence
  • ・Other licenses or certificates issued by public authority
  • *1 The document should be the one isuued within 6 months.
    Except, it is not requested the issued date when proving the date of birth.
  • *2 Valid only when presented for check-in at ANA domestic airport counter.
    Please do not send a copy to ANA by mailing.