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Log in via the ANA Mileage Club top page, select Using Miles from the Mile menu, and select Redeem Partner Points.

After proceeding to the ポイント交換 (Redeem Points) page, select 電子マネー「楽天Edy」 (E-money Rakuten Edy).

On the 電子マネー「楽天Edy」 (E-money Rakuten Edy) page, click 電子マネー「楽天Edy」に交換する (Redeem E-money Rakuten Edy).

1. Select the 10-digit AMC Membership Number

Click the インターネットで交換を申し込む (Online Redemption Application) button to proceed to the screen to select the 10-digit AMC membership number. Select the membership number of the collecting AMC member as well as the collection method, then click 次へ (Next).

To register an AMC membership number that is not displayed on the screen above, click 上記以外の番号で受取希望の方はこちら (Customers Who Wish to Collect with a Number Other Than the Above), select the relevant AMC membership number, then click Next.

2. Confirm Application Details

Confirm the details, check the box for 以上の内容を確認した ("I have confirmed the above."), then click 以上の内容で申し込む (Apply Using the Details Above).

3. Application Completed

After the mileage deduction and Edy Gift application has been submitted properly, the Application Completed screen will be displayed.

Collect the Rakuten Edy

  • As of July 10, 2024, Edy exchange, receiving, and balance checking services will no longer be supported on self-service check-in machines.

  • Link leads to a non-ANA website. (Text is available in Japanese only.)

  • Redeemed Edy amounts must be collected within 60 days of the redemption date.