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Changes to How You Go Through Security Checkpoints and Boarding Gates for Japan Domestic Flights

From May 2023, we will be gradually rolling out updates to ticket gates at security checkpoints and boarding gates for Japan domestic flights.
The way you go through security checkpoints and boarding gates will change due to these updates.
Passengers will be able to go through without the need for contact and face-to-face encounters with staff, ensuring passengers can easily and seamlessly enjoy a safe trip with peace of mind.
This also contributes to our ESG goals through reducing the use of paper media.

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What You Need

Please use online check-in, or have you boarding pass issued at the airport with you when you go through the security and boarding gate.

Mobile Boarding Pass

Issued by a self-service check-in machine

Issued at an airport counter

Boarding pass issued via PC

New security procedures

Discontinuance of Security Certificate and Boarding Information

Security Certificate and Boarding Information forms issued at security checkpoints and boarding gates will be discontinued.

Security Certificate

The Security Certificate previously issued at security checkpoints will be discontinued due to the updated machines.
Please check your boarding pass for details such as your boarding gate, group number and seat number.

Boarding information

Boarding Information slips will not be issued from the new ticket gates.
Passengers who previously were using Boarding Information slips as proof of boarding are asked to instead issue a Boarding Certificate.

Changeover Period

Updates will gradually roll out from May 2023

Implemented Airports

Saga, Matsuyama, Komatsu, Fukue, Toyama, Tsushima, Aomori, Memanbetsu, Akita, Takamatsu, and Asahikawa

  • Changes will be implemented on a gradual basis at the airports other than those listed above.

  • The implementation schedule going forward will be announced on this page once the details have been confirmed.

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