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Lounges for Japan Domestic Flights at Itami Airport


Take a Look Inside

Under the supervision of internationally renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, this lounge was designed based on the concept of "Ichigo ichie" (treasure every encounter as if it were once in a lifetime). The "Yamato Wall" is constructed out of the Japanese kalopanax tree, bringing brightness and light to the lounge.

Lounge Map

Toilets、Multi-purpose Lavatories、Nursing Room、The Diaper Changing Table*1、Smoking Area、Phone Call Area、Photocopier/Fax Machine、Baggage lockers、Drink Area、Newspapers,Magazines、Wi-Fi Service
  • * 1

    The nursing room is equipped with a diaper changing table.

  • *

    Smoking is not permitted in any part of the lounge (excluding any designated smoking areas).

  • *

    Although alcoholic beverages are served in the lounge, drinking alcohol under the age of 20 and drink-driving are prohibited by law.


An enclosed counter is also available with direct access to the lounge (ANA PREMIUM CHECK-IN).The lounge offers a variety of conveniences so guests can spend their time in comfort. This includes a range of facilities to support those who need to work, a multi-purpose lavatory, a nursing room, and a diaper changing tables.

Desks fitted with electric power outlets and USB ports

Baggage lockers

Phone Call Area

Food and Drink

In the ANA LOUNGE, you can quench your thirst with beer, shochu, coffee, tea or a variety of soft drinks.

  • *

    Services may vary by time of day and year.

  • *

    Services are subject to change without prior notice.

Lounge Information


6:00 AM until the departure of the last flight




Eligible Passengers

Only passengers flying on an ANA Group-operated flight or a codeshare flight*1 with an ANA flight number are eligible for lounge access.
Please visit the pages below to see which lounges you can access.

  • * 1

    Flights operated by AIR DO, IBEX Airlines, Oriental Air Bridge, Solaseed Air, Star Flyer, Japan Air Commuter, and Amakusa Airlines