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Rules Regarding the Use of Lounges

Rules Regarding the Use of Lounges

Please refrain from the following acts in the lounges.

  • Acts that interfere with safety and comfort in the lounge (including excessive alcohol consumption)

  • Acts that may cause discomfort or inconvenience to other customers

  • Acts that may harm yourself or other customers

  • Destroying or damaging facilities or equipment, or acts that are likely to cause such damage

  • Changing the status of facilities or equipment without permission, or using these for purposes other than those intended

  • Smoking outside designated areas (including electronic cigarettes), making voice calls, or using electronic devices that emit sounds

  • Taking pictures of other customers or staff without permission, etc.

  • Disobeying the instructions of lounge staff or obstructing the performance of their duties (including keeping lounge staff occupied for an extended period of time)

  • Taking food, drinks or equipment provided in the lounge outside of the lounge

  • Monopolizing and using equipment, facilities or services in the lounge for an extended period of time

  • Eating or drinking items in the lounge that emit a strong or foul-smelling odor

  • Drinking alcohol under the age of 20

    • In the ANA SUITE LOUNGE and ANA LOUNGE at Honolulu Airport, alcoholic drinks will only served to passengers aged 21 or over in accordance with United States' law and ordinances.

  • Business or commercial activities conducted without permission (display, advertising, publicity, sales, etc.)

If you do not follow the rules herein, we may restrict lounge usage as well as boarding and cancel your Mileage Club membership in accordance with our Conditions of Carriage and the ANA Mileage Club Terms and Conditions.

Please look after your own personal belongings and valuables. ANA will not accept liability for any theft or loss, etc., unless it occurs due to willful intent or gross negligence on the part of ANA.

Based on the ANA Privacy Policy, we will not accept requests to provide information about other customers without their consent.


For customers with pets

Assistance dogs, including guide dogs, hearing dogs, mobility assistance dogs and other service dogs are allowed. All other pets are prohibited.

Effective as of July 2019