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Travel CUBE: OSAKA Azure Ticket Reservations

Available Exclusively through ANA's Travel CUBE Service! OSAKA Azure Ticket: Great for Getting around Osaka

Service Overview

After reserving the ticket for your ANA flight arriving at Osaka (Itami) Airport, you can use the Travel CUBE*1 screen to purchase the OSAKA Azure Ticket, which is available for purchase for customers flying with ANA and includes round-trip tickets for the Airport Limousine Bus service from Osaka (Itami) Airport to the city center as well as an Osaka 1-day pass for unlimited travel on all Osaka Metro lines and Osaka City Bus routes (certain routes not covered). If you make your purchase in advance online on Travel CUBE you can collect all your tickets at Osaka (Itami) Airport to save time purchasing and waiting at the airport for a smooth and comfortable travel experience. By purchasing the OSAKA Azure Ticket through Travel CUBE, you can get a JPY 320 discount on weekday journeys (or a JPY 120 discount for journeys on weekend and national holidays).*2

  • * 1

    This service offers a seamless travel experience in Japan by integrating up-to-date flight status and location information (such as the terminal, boarding gate and security checkpoint) with transit planner search services to provide comprehensive route information for getting to your departure airport and boarding your flight as well as traveling onward to your final destination after disembarkation. After reserving your ANA flight tickets, go to the Reservation Details screen on the ANA website or the Reservations screen on the official ANA app, and then go to the Travel CUBE page. Enter your start point and destination and search how to get to the airport.

  • * 2

    This discount is calculated in comparison to the standard price of tickets for a round-trip Airport Limousine Bus journey from Osaka (Itami) Airport to the city center (2 one-way tickets each costing JPY 650) and an Osaka 1-day pass for use on Osaka Metro and Osaka City Bus services (weekdays: JPY 820; weekends and national holidays: JPY 620).

This image provides an overview of the OSAKA Azure Ticket service.

Terms and Conditions

Eligible Flights

Flights arriving at Osaka (Itami) Airport

Valid Sectors

Airport Limousine Buses

All customers using an Airport Limousine Bus will receive tickets for a round-trip journey from Osaka (Itami) Airport, which can then be used on any of the 4 routes shown below.
Customers are also permitted to use a different route for their return journey.

  • The symbol "⇔" indicates the locations between which the route is operated.

Osaka (Itami) Airport (departure location) ⇔ Osaka (Umeda) Station area (Osaka Marubiru, Herbis Osaka, Hotel Hanshin Osaka, Hotel New Hankyu Osaka)
Osaka (Itami) Airport (departure location) ⇔ Namba Station area / JR Namba Station (OCAT)
Osaka (Itami) Airport (departure location) ⇔ Abenobashi Station (Tennoji Station)
Osaka (Itami) Airport (departure location) ⇔ Kintetsu Uehommachi Station

Osaka 1-Day Pass

This pass offers unlimited travel on all Osaka Metro lines and Osaka City Bus routes (excluding certain routes).

  • The Osaka 1-day pass cannot be used to travel on the following Osaka City Bus services: Buses to Universal Studios Japan™/IKEA Tsuruhama, limousine buses/on-demand buses to Kansai International Airport. Furthermore, it cannot be used to travel on Hankyu Railway, Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway or Kintetsu Railway through services operated together with Osaka Metro.

  • Pass holders can enjoy discounts at around 30 tourist attractions in the city by simply presenting their pass. (The discount is only available on the day the pass is used.)
    For further information on these discounts, please see the list of attractions where discounts are available upon presenting your pass.

Price, Reservation and Payment


JPY 1,800 (including tax) for adults

  • Child fares are not available.

Reservation and Payment

Move from Travel CUBE to the payment website* and purchase your ticket set by credit card or another permitted payment method.

  • Your ticket set reservation and payment will be made on a website that is managed and operated by LINKTIVITY Inc.

Ticket Set Pickup Counter

Staffed Airport Limousine Bus ticket counter on the 1st floor of Osaka (Itami) Airport

  • Service hours: 07:40-21:30 (subject to change without prior notice)

Map Showing Ticket Set Pickup Counter at Osaka (Itami) Airport

Map Showing Ticket Set Pickup Counter at Osaka (Itami) Airport

How to Use the Service

  • All images are for illustrative purposes only and subject to change.

(1) Search by Flight Number

  • STEP 1

    ANA app "Home" screen

    Select "Search Airport Access" in the bottom right corner of the screen
    • You can also do this from the View Reservation screen on the ANA website.

  • STEP 2

    Travel CUBE criteria entry screen

    Your reserved flight and departure date will be shown here automatically. Search for your travel route from Osaka (Itami) Airport based on your flight.
    • The image shows the search results that might be displayed when searching for a travel route from Osaka (Itami) Airport to Namba.

  • STEP 3

    Travel CUBE search results screen

    Click the button for "OSAKA Azure Ticket" displayed along the travel route
  • STEP 4

    Ticket Set Reservation and Purchase

    You will be transferred to the ticket sales site. After completing your payment, you will receive a QR code (voucher) at your email address registered on the ticketing site for picking up your ticket set.
    • You must register for an account on the ticket sales site, which is separate from your Travel CUBE member registration.

  • STEP 5

    Ticket Set Pickup at Itami Airport

    Please use your QR code at Itami Airport to pick up your ticket set.
    • Your set will contain 2 tickets for a round-trip Airport Limousine Bus journey from Itami Airport and an Osaka 1-day pass.

    • Go to the specified bus stop, hand over your outbound Airport Limousine Bus ticket to the driver, and get on the bus.

(2) Search by Reserved Flight Ticket

The ticket set can also be purchased on the Travel CUBE page. Registration for Travel CUBE membership is required.

  • STEP 1

    Add reserved domestic flight tickets to "List of Reservations"

  • STEP 2

    Click on the flight ticket information

  • STEP 3

    Go to "New Reservation" on the reservation screen and proceed to "Railway" to purchase the "OSAKA Azure Ticket."

Points to Note

  • The discount on this page will not apply if you do not reserve the various tickets via Travel CUBE.

  • The tickets for the round-trip Airport Limousine Bus journey and Osaka 1-day pass can be used within 1 month after the pickup date.

  • It is not possible to pick up your tickets at locations other than the staffed Airport Limousine Bus ticket counter at Osaka (Itami) Airport. Please be aware that it is not possible to pick up your tickets at the bus stop, on board the bus, or at Osaka Metro stations or information offices.

  • It is not possible to reserve a limousine bus at a specific time or seats thereon.
    Passengers will line up at the bus stop on the day of the journey and board in order.
    If the bus becomes full, you will be asked to board the next bus. We therefore request that you leave plenty of time for your journey.

  • Refunds are only available prior to ticket pickup at Osaka (Itami) Airport, and can only be requested via the payment site used upon purchase. (A refund charge of JPY 220 will apply.) Please be aware that refunds are not available under any circumstances after ticket pickup.

  • For inquiries about Airport Limousine Bus services, please contact the Airport Limousine Bus's general information office (Hankyu Kanko Bus Co., Ltd.) on 06-6844-1124 (operator hours: 07:30-21:00, available all year round).

  • For inquiries about the Osaka 1-day pass, please contact the Osaka Metro and City Bus Information Call Center on 06-6582-1400 (operator hours: 08:00-21:00, available all year round).

  • Please address any inquiries about product reservations/payments and the email received upon payment completion to LINKTIVITY Inc. (the company that operates the website selling tickets).
    For details, please see the website selling products.