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Information Regarding Reservation Changes (International Flights)

This page provides information regarding itineraries and conditions which can be changed via the ANA website.
(Excludes award reservations. For information regarding changes to award reservations, please check ANA International Award Flight Tickets or Partner Airline Award Flight Tickets.)

Terms of Use

Only reservations which have been made via the ANA website can be changed online. (Some exceptions apply*)
In order to qualify, you must have made a reservation for a simple round trip, one-way or open-jaw itinerary featuring a changeable fare via the ANA website and have not subsequently made any changes via ANA by telephone.

  • *

    The following reservations cannot be changed through the ANA website.

    • Reservations which include an upgraded flight (changeable after cancellation of the upgrade)

    • Reservations made (or changed) via ANA by telephone

    • Itineraries with stopovers in multiple cities.

    • Reservations for which traveler classification (adult: 16+ years old, adult: 12-15 years old, child: 2-11 years old, etc.) will change if the date of boarding is changed

    • Reservations made via a travel agency

    • Itineraries containing flights with different boarding classes

    • Reservations made via Mexican website

    • Passengers who have only made a reservation (where the purchase process has not been completed)

There may be other instances in which changes cannot be made due to the nature of the reservation. In the event that you are unable to cancel your reservation via the ANA website, please contact ANA by telephone. Whether or not changes are permitted will be determined in accordance with the relevant fare rules. Additionally, processing fees may apply when you change the reservation.

Information Regarding Price Differences at the Time a Change is Made

Additional charges and/or refunds will be applied after offsetting the processing fee with the fare differential.
When additional charges apply: Only credit card and PayPal payments will be accepted.
When a refund is issued: Refunds will be made via the company of the credit card or PayPal account used at the time of purchase.

Refunds when you used other payment methods than a credit card for the purchase


A refund will be made to your designated bank account. (The customer will be responsible for any bank transfer fees.)
When performing the relevant procedures, you will need your ANA Mileage Club login information. If you are not an ANA Milege Club member, please contact ANA by telephone.


ANA SKY COINS will be refunded to the mileage account. (Excluding the ANA SKY COINS that have expired at the time of the refund)


PayPal's refund standards will apply.

Grace Period for Changes

For passengers who have already purchased and been issued a flight ticket: up to 24 hours prior to departure of the flight you hold or up to 6 hours prior to departure of the flight which you want to change to, whichever is sooner.

Terms Which Can Be Changed via the ANA Website


For passengers who have already purchased and been issued a flight ticket: Date, Sector, Flight

Not Changeable

Changes to number of passengers, changes to itineraries which include stays in multiple cities

Operating Guidelines

Display the details of your reservation by clicking "View Reservation" button.
You can make changes to your reservation by clicking on the [Change Reservation] button displayed underneath your itinerary on the "Reservation Details" page.

For passengers who have already purchased and been issued a flight ticket:

After selecting a sector which you would like to change, enter the date and itinerary and select a new flight from the search results.

  • *

    The symbol "-" indicates the destination.

Examples: Changing the following itinerary "Point of Departure" Osaka - Tokyo (stop-over) - Los Angeles (stop-over) - Denver "Point of Arrival"

Desired Changes How to Enter Conditions
You wish to cancel an Osaka - Tokyo flight "Point of Departure" Tokyo, "Point of Arrival" Denver
You wish to change an Osaka - Tokyo flight to another flight on the same day "Point of Departure" Osaka, "Point of Arrival" Denver
You wish to cancel a Los Angeles - Denver flight "Point of Departure" Osaka, "Point of Arrival" Los Angeles
You wish to change a Tokyo - Los Angeles itinerary to another flight "Point of Departure" Osaka, "Point of Arrival" Denver

When changing part of a reservation's itinerary, fare recalculation will be based on the fares that can be used for the post-change itinerary. Fares may vary depending on seat availability at the time of the change. The reservation will also be remade if the same flight is included in the itinerary both before and after the change.


Itinerary before Change: Itami - Narita - San Francisco 100,000 JPY
Itinerary After Change: Kansai - Haneda, Narita - San Francisco*1 150,000 JPY (50,000 JPY difference)*2
  • * 1

    If you will be departing from Narita after arriving at Haneda, you will need to travel between the airports.

  • * 2

    A difference of 50,000 JPY resulted from the fare recalculation for the change.

Passengers who have only made a reservation (where the purchase process has not been completed) cannot make changes via the Internet. Please cancel your entire itinerary and make a new reservation.

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