Guide for facilities in London Heathrow Airport

Since the boarding gate check-in counters might be subject to change, please check at the airport to the day of departure.


Flights operated by ANA group will arrive at Terminal 2 of London Heathrow Airport.

  • 1Immigration 
  • 2Baggage Claim 
  • 3Customs 

Arrival Terminal

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Please present your passport at the e-gate.

Information about e-gate (Autmatic gate)

・Passport holders from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and South Korea  are eligible to use automated gates at entry.
・However, children under the age of 12, short-term students with a stay of 6 months or less, those with Tier 5 (Short-term workers - creative and sports) visas, and those with other paid work visas need to proceed the passport control.

Visit for more details.


Customers with goods to declare must turn in their Customs Declaration forms here.
Goods to Declare
Nothing to Declare

* Your luggage may be subject to inspection, regardless of whether you have products to declare or not. In this case, please follow the attendant's instructions.

Fast track immigration

  • [Look for]
  • Fast Track
  • [Eligible]
  • - First class
  • [Remarks]
  • - When using this lane, present the dedicated coupon distributed in the cabin.
  • - The dedicated coupon is usable only in Terminal 2.

Letter of Consent is required for the travelers under the age of 18 entering UK without their parent(s). Please see the link below to confirm the details.


Flights operated by ANA group will depart from Terminal 2 of London Heathrow Airport.

Departure terminal

  • 1Check-in 
  • 2Baggage check-in 
  • 3Security Check 
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Please use the international flight Self Service Check-in machines to check-in (issue the boarding pass) and issue the luggage tags.

Baggage check-in

Please affix the luggage tags issued by the Self Service Check-in machine to your luggage and proceed to the luggage counter at Zone D.

Fast track security screening

  • [Look for]
  • Gold Track
  • [Eligible]
  • - First class
  • - Business class
  • - Diamond service members
  • - Platinum service members
  • - Super Flyers members
  • - Star Alliance Gold members
  • [Remarks]
  • - Please show your boarding pass when using this service.
  • - Star Alliance Gold Members are requested to present the Star Alliance Gold Status Card as well.


ANA -> Other Airline companies

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Other Airline companies->ANA

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Other airlines to ANA

Passengers with no boarding pass should proceed to our transfer desk and check-in at the self check-in kiosk.
Passengers with through checked baggage should contact us using the phone at our transfer desk as ANA need to confirm the baggage(s) detail(s).
No staff is attending at transfer desk