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Notice of Pikachu Jet NH First Flight

Pikachu Jet NH will begin service with ANA Flight 847 (from Haneda to Bangkok), followed by ANA Flight 850 (from Bangkok to Haneda) on Sunday, June 4, 2023! 
Take advantage of this opportunity to experience a journey on Pikachu Jet NH. Click here for details.

The aircraft will be unveiled at an event held at Haneda Airport on Saturday, June 3, 2023. Click here to apply

  • Application website is only available in Japanese, and the event will be held in Japanese language only.

Pokémon Air Adventures

ANA is officially joining the “Pokémon Air Adventures” of The Pokémon Company. ANA's philosophy matched with the concept of the project, which aims to bring people closer to each other, and encourage them to explore the world after the COVID-19 pandemic with the Pikachu and Eevee Jets.

Special jet

Special jet interior design

These are the interior designs on special jet.

Paper cup

For cold drinks

For hot drinks

Headrest cover

Headrest cover (Image 1)

Headrest cover (Image 2)

CA apron



Cocktail napkin

We also have background music ready for the flight

Special jet flight souvenir

Below flight souvenirs (Japanese wooden tag, Commemorative sticker and Boarding certificate) will be distributed on board of the special jets.
* The souvenirs may not be distributed on some routes or irregular flights. Distribution may end without prior notice once the scheduled amount has been reached.

Japanese wooden tag ("kifuda")/Commemorative sticker/Boarding certificate (Pikachu Jet NH)

Japanese wooden tag ("kifuda")/Commemorative sticker/Boarding certificate (Eevee Jet NH)

Japanese wooden tag ("kifuda")

Commemorative sticker (one of five versions)

Boarding certificate (Pikachu Jet NH)

Boarding certificate (Eevee Jet NH)

Eevee Jet boarding certificate design will be announced later at a later date. Stay tuned!

Merchandise for sale

Original Pokémon merchandise are available to all ANA International and Domestic flight passengers for purchase! 
Available at ANA STORE@SKY, which can be accessed via Wi-Fi in ANA domestic flights/lounges and in the in-flight duty-free sales service on ANA international flights.

ANA Original Bath Poncho

Product details are available in ANA SKY SHOP.

Sold out due to popular demand.

ANA Original Stainless Steel Bottle

  • Products may sell out suddenly as inventory continually fluctuates.

In-flight entertainment

Pokémon-related content such as Pokémon Kids TV and POKÉTOON can be enjoyed on all ANA international and domestic flights.

  • Screening content is subject to change.

  • Check ANA SKY CHANNEL from the end of the month before for further details. Screening content will vary depending on the timing of your flight.

Special jet flight information

Below is the flight information through October 26, 2024.
Flight information for October 27, 2024 and later will be announced as soon as it is determined.

Pikachu Jet NH and Eevee Jet NH are to be in service until around 2028.

*These are the routes where Pikachu Jet NH and Eevee Jet NH have a possibility to be in service. In the event of operational irregularities, the aircraft may be put into service on routes other than those listed below.

*The flight schedule is subject to change depending on the operation situation, and will not be confirmed until the day of the flight. Thank you for your understanding.

  • "⇔" Indicates a round trip.


Eligible Flights Flight Number
Narita ⇔ Perth NH881/NH882
Narita ⇔ Singapore NH801/NH802
Narita ⇔ Bangkok NH805/NH806
Narita ⇔ Ho Chi Minh NH833/NH834
Narita ⇔ Mumbai NH829/NH830
Narita ⇔ Jakarta NH835/NH836
Narita ⇔ Manila NH819/NH820
Narita ⇔ Kuala Lumpur NH815/NH816
Narita ⇔ Hong Kong NH811/NH812
Narita ⇔ Shanghai (Pudong) NH919/NH920
Haneda ⇔ Vancouver NH115/NH116
Haneda ⇔ Honolulu NH185/NH186
Haneda ⇔ Sydney NH879/NH889/NH880/NH890
Haneda ⇔ Singapore NH841/NH843/NH842/NH844
Haneda ⇔ Bangkok NH848/NH849
Haneda ⇔ Kuala Lumpur NH885/NH886
Haneda ⇔ Delhi NH837/NH838
Haneda ⇔ Jakarta NH855/NH856
Haneda ⇔ Manila NH869/NH870
Haneda ⇔ Beijing NH961/NH962
Haneda ⇔ Guangzhou NH923/NH924 * Only from August 1 to October 26


Eligible Flights Flight Number
Narita ⇔ San Francisco NH008/NH007
Narita ⇔ Chicago NH012/NH011
Haneda ⇔ San Francisco NH108/NH107
Haneda ⇔ Chicago NH112/NH111
Haneda ⇔ New York NH110/NH109/NH160/NH159
Haneda ⇔ London NH211/NH212

Seat Availability/Make Reservation

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