Business Class Pre-order Meal Service

Business Class passengers can pre-order their preferred meal. For Tokyo departures on certain routes, passengers can also choose collaboration menus served on other routes.


Japanese Meal

Western Meal

  • Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Menu items will vary by season and route.

Terms of Use

Eligible Passengers

Passengers traveling in Business Class

  • Please note that the pre-order service is not available to passengers traveling on discount fares (including inclusive tour fares).

Eligible Routes

All routes

  • The pre-order service is not available for flights where only a light meal and drink are served after takeoff (such as late-night flights) or short-haul flights which do not have multiple meal options.
  • Codeshare flights operated by partner airlines and flights with non-ANA flight numbers are not eligible.

Please see Eligible Flights for further details.

Meals Available for Pre-order

One of the following options for the first meal service.

  • Japanese
  • Western (if there are multiple main course options, select either meat or fish option)
  • The collaboration menu served on Europe and America routes (Only for passengers departing from Tokyo to the Asia 1 region or India.)
  • A Chinese meal may be available on Taiwan departures.

How to Pre-order

You can pre-order a meal when making flight reservations on the ANA website.

  • Meals must be pre-ordered no later than 24 hours prior to departure.
  • Please note that pre-orders and service inquiries cannot be made by phone.
  • This service will not be available if our pre-order limit has been reached. In such cases, we kindly ask you to choose your meal on board.

If you already have a flight reservation, please pre-order your meal from here.

Eligible Flights

For meals from December to February,

  • Passengers departing from Tokyo to North America (excluding Honolulu), Mexico, Europe (excluding Vladivostok) or Perth may also select the ANA Original Menu served on our Asia 1 and India routes for their Japanese meal.
  • Passengers departing from Tokyo to the Asia 1 region or India may also select the collaboration menu with Yonemura served on our North America (excluding San Francisco (NH108) and Honolulu), Mexico, Europe (excluding Vladivostok) and Perth routes for their Western meal.

Passengers selecting a menu served on another route will receive the appetizer and the main course from that menu, but the amuse and dessert from the menu served on their flight.
Asia Routes 1: Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur
Asia Routes 2: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Yangon

North America (excluding Honolulu), Mexico, Europe (excluding Vladivostok) and Perth Routes

Departure Point Flight Number
Los Angeles NH5, NH6, NH125, NH126
San Francisco NH7, NH8
San Jose NH119, NH120
Seattle NH117, NH118
Washington, D.C. (Dulles) NH001, NH002, NH101, NH102
New York (JFK) NH9, NH10, NH109, NH110
Houston NH113, NH114, NH173, NH174
Chicago NH11, NH12, NH111, NH112
Vancouver NH115, NH116
Mexico City NH180
London NH211, NH212
Paris NH215, NH216
Frankfurt NH204, NH223, NH224
Munich NH217, NH218
Dusseldorf NH209, NH210
Brussels NH231, NH232
Vienna NH206
Perth NH881, NH882

Asia Routes 1 and India Routes

Departure Point Flight Number
Bangkok NH805, NH806, NH847, NH848, NH878
Kuala Lumpur NH815, NH816, NH886
Singapore NH/NQ801, NH/NQ802, NH841, NH842
Jakarta NH835, NH836, NH855, NH872
Delhi NH837, NH838
Mumbai NH829, NH830
Chennai NH825, NH826

Asia Routes 2 and Honolulu, Sydney, and East Asia Routes

Departure Point Flight Number
Honolulu NH181, NH182, NH183, NH184, NH185, NH186
Sydney NH879, NH880, NH889, NH890
Hanoi NH897
Ho Chi Minh City NH833, NH834, NH891
Phnom Penh NH817
Yangon NH813
Manila NH819, NH820, NH869, NH870
Beijing NH955, NH956, NH961, NH962, NH963, NH964
Shanghai NH919, NH920, NH921, NH922, NH959, NH960, NH967, NH968, NH969, NH970, NH971, NH972
Dalian NH903, NH904
Qingdao NH927, NH928, NH949, NH950
Guangzhou NH923, NH924, NH933, NH934
Shenyang NH925, NH926
Hangzhou NH929, NH930
Chengdu NH947, NH948
Wuhan NH937, NH938
Xiamen NH935, NH936
Shenzhen NH931, NH932
Hong Kong NH/NQ811, NH/NQ812, NH859, NH860
Taipei NH823, NH824, NH851, NH852, NH853, NH854

We also provide a variety of other dishes on board for your enjoyment. Please see our Dining/Drinks page for further details.

The meals available will differ by departure airport.
Please see our Dining/Drinks page to check the meal options available for your flight.

Meals/Drinks (PDF)
by route

  • The in-flight meal and drink menus are scheduled to be updated at the end of each of the following months: February, May, August, and November.

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  • Service details are subject to change without prior notice.
  • If you change your flight reservation (e.g., change sector), please pre-order your meal again from the ANA website.
  • Please note that if you change your flight reservation, pre-order meal service may not be available.
  • Pre-order meal service is not available if boarding class is changed.

If you already have a flight reservation, please pre-order your meal from here.