Boeing 787 10th AnniversaryBoeing 787 10th Anniversary


Boeing 787 10th Anniversary Online Experience Tour

On Sunday, November 21, 2021, ANA held the "Boeing 787 10th Anniversary Online Experience Tour - View from the Cockpit with ANA Pilots."

The event was organized by ANA X and 787 pilots to express their gratitude for the 10th anniversary of the Boeing 787 and to allow our customers to learn more about aviation and to raise expectations for flight.
There were three plans for the online tour: the " Viewing Only Plan," the "Viewing + 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Box Plan," which includes the 10th-anniversary original flight tag and the sticker, and the "Viewing + 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Box + Pilot Interaction Plan," which allows people to talk with the pilots online, and more than 370 people signed up for the event

10th Anniversary Limited Edition Box

The tour was hosted and facilitated by Boeing 787 Captain Yutaka Hosouchi, Co-pilot Tsubasa Ohno, and ANA Cabin Crew Chiyoung Yu.
The program included live commentary by the pilots with special footage taken from the cockpit of the Boeing 787, rare views of Mount Fuji and the islands of Japan from the cockpit that cannot normally be seen, and for the first time, a new song created by a band of current ANA pilots for the 787 Project.
Additionally, there was a "special virtual flight" that made passengers feel as if they were actually on board, from arrival at the airport to boarding and the scenery on board, as well as some quizzes about the Boeing 787.

Co-pilot Tsubasa Ohno, Captain Yutaka Hosouchi, and Chiyong Yu (from left).

Mt. Fuji from the cockpit

In the second half of the tour, a roundtable discussion was held with pilots who have unique ties to the 787: Captain Masami Tsukamoto, Senior Vice President of the ANA Safety Promotion Center who is a 787 captain and was involved in the 787 development at Boeing, and Captain Hideaki Hayakawa from ANA Flight Operation Center, who has been a 787 captain since its launch.
Captain Hayakawa said, "The 787 is active all over the world, and I am very happy to have made it this far."
Afterward, Mr. Tsukamoto participated as a special guest in the Q&A session with the pilots using the Zoom Q&A function and answered questions from the audience together with the MC.

A view of the video of the roundtable discussion

The Q&A session

Pilot Interaction Plan

In the Pilot Interaction Plan, a variety of people participated, including teenagers who are interested in pilots and aviation fans.

"What was the most difficult airport to land at?"
"What made you become a pilot?"
In response to many questions, the pilots shared their personal thoughts.

After the tour, we asked each person involved in this tour for their comments.
[Captain Hosouchi]
Today's event made me realize that there are many people who feel the 787 is special. I felt that there are many passengers who choose to fly not only because of ANA but also because of the 787, and it made me think, an airplane that is received with such love and enthusiasm is truly a Dream Liner."

[Co-pilot Ohno]
As an ANA pilot, I was reminded of the importance of our fans. I want to continue to fly with the feelings of our fans in mind."

[ANA X He]
It took about six months from planning to preparation, but I'm really glad it ended well. Many of our customers have dreams of becoming pilots or mechanics, and it was great to have the opportunity to interact with current pilots."

[Flight Attendant Yu]
I think this event made it easy for customers who cannot fly the 787 at the moment to participate in this event, and it was wonderful to hear real voices and I enjoyed myself."

ANA Group will continue to work together to implement a series of commemorative projects to mark the 10th anniversary of the Boeing 787 to express our gratitude to our customers, so please stay tuned.

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