Universal Design

With the diversification of customers in a rapidly aging society, the services offered by the ANA Group are also becoming more complex. The types and volume of text media we provide to customers are increasing accordingly, as are the comments from customers asking us to make these text media easier to understand, read and use.

In response, the ANA Group has established a course of action and guidelines concerning text media. These are shared among all employees of the Group so that we can provide trustworthy, high-quality information to all customers regardless of factors such as age, gender, degree of knowledge and experience, and environment.

Universal Design Course of Action for Creating Text Media

In addition, we conduct group education for managers of all departments and e-learning for all employees to promote understanding of the necessity for universal design. In creating text media, we use check sheets and conduct regular sampling analysis through a professional firm to review our performance.

Universal Design at Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport Terminal 2 has four security checkpoints to handle the large number of flights, and customers had mentioned that it was difficult to know which area they should to go to. Based on this feedback, the four security checkpoints (A, B, C, D) were color coded. By adding the color element to the existing signage, customers were able to more clearly see where they needed to go and felt less stress when searching for the security checkpoints. The change also meant that customers who were not accustomed to traveling, elderly customers, and non-Japanese customers were able to understand the airport layout more easily and navigate through the terminal with greater peace of mind.