Labor Relations

Basic Approach

The ANA Group respects the freedom of association for its employees and their right to collective bargaining in accordance with the laws and regulations in each country we operate. In addition to observing minimum wages in each region, the amount of wages is determined and paid in consideration of ensuring living standards, purchasing power and safety in each country.
Furthermore, labor unions have been organized in many of the ANA Group companies. We aim to collaborate with unions to improve operations while building a relationship of mutual trust and cooperation between labor and management through ongoing discussions aimed at sharing awareness of management issues the competitive environment, as well as concerns such as "improving employee job satisfaction" and "offering competitive benefit packages" as well as "work conditions, and work styles" for employees.

Labor Dialogue

We hold regular meetings with labor unions within the ANA Group to discuss the Group's business situation and related issues.

Major Labor-Management Discussions held at ANA
Name Frequency of meetings Main issues
Labor Management Council As Needed Company-wide management themes
Conference on the status of financial results Quarterly Quarterly financial report
Conference on Business Plan Bi-annually Operation Business plan for the first half and second half

Labor-Manegement Communication

We are enhancing mutual trust through seminars and family events organized by ANA Group companies and the respective unions, promoting a dynamic business model.

Joint Labor-Management Productivity Training

The program is designed to strengthen labor relations and provide an opportunity to improve motivation and momentum in each workplace, increasing productivity throughout the organization. (Actual number of participants in fiscal 2022: 119)

Joint Labor-Management "Heartful" Day

This event is held to foster a sense of unity within the ANA Group through introductions to the operations of ANA Group companies and tours of its aircraft, as well as to provide an opportunity for employees and their families to deepen their understanding of ANA Group corporate activities. (Actual number of participants in fiscal 2019: 3,942)

Joint Labor-Management Field Day

The purpose of this event is to experience the fun of sports and the ANA Group's team spirit through sports events, and to enhance the teamwork of the entire Group through communication among employees who are not directly involved in their daily work. (Actual number of participants in fiscal 2019: 1,345)

External Initiatives

The ANA Group has participated in the "United Nations Global Compact" since 2008. Our labor policy is designed to conform to The United Nations Global Compact's ten principles.