Work Style Reforms

Basic Approach

To truly achieve diversity and inclusion, reforming awareness and work styles of all employees is indispensable. We are promoting work-life balance where there is synergy between the two, which in turn results in an environment where diverse employees can have a positive work experience. In particular, the ANA Group is working on measures to realize "Work Style Innovation"to both "improve work efficiency" and "create high quality output." In addition to complying with the standards stipulated by laws and regulations in each country for working hours and holidays, we are working to shorten total actual work hours to prevent overwork. The spare time created through these efforts and activities can be used effectively to further enrich employees' lives and to improve operations based on innovative ideas.

Implementation Structure

In October 2016, top management issued a "Declaration on Work Style Innovation," and under a secretariat structure led by the Department of Planning, the Department of Human Resources and Labor, we developed initiatives to improve working hours. Since then, we have expanded the scope of our initiatives to include diverse and flexible work styles and the maximization of output through productivity improvement.

Major Initiatives

Working Hours and Overtime Work

In order to improve long working hours, we set a company-wide target for working hours every fiscal year. To achieve this target, we are working to improve the efficiency of our operations, centering on KAIZEN activities, and to thoroughly manage working hours through management.
KAIZEN activities are an effort to eliminate unreasonableness, unevenness, and waste in our work and workplace, and have been implemented company-wide since fiscal 2018. As it is difficult for employees who do not work in shifts to be fully acknowledged by their superiors, we have introduced an attendance management system that, in addition to recording working hours by attendance, extracts objective records such as PC usage hours every day, and requires corrections or confirmation of reasons if there is a discrepancy with the actual working hours.*1
In addition, in order to raise the awareness of individual employees, we are raising awareness of the practice of well-defined working styles, such as automatically turning off lights at offices after 20:00 and setting priority paid holidays. The Company compiles the total number of hours worked by the entire company on a monthly basis and discloses them on its internal portal site. In addition, the Company regularly conducts internal surveys on working hour management to ensure that appropriate working hour management is thoroughly understood.

  1. *1.ANA, in agreement with the labor union, has set a limit of 40 regular working hours per week and 4 overtime hours per day (30 hours per month). ANA shall not permit employees to work outside Japan in ways that exceed the 48 hours working week limit as determined by International Labor Organization (ILO), as well as the 60 hours limit including overtime work. Overtime work is carried out under the agreement of the company and employees, and we make sure to pay extra wages.
  1. *2.Targets for FY2020 and FY2021 have been set based on the special circumstances caused by COVID-19 outbreak.

Enhancement of Work-Life Balance

In order to realize a diverse and flexible work style that suits each individual, we are working to create and expand a system that allows employees to choose where and when to work without restrictions. In fiscal 2020, the ANA Group established the ANA Group Policy on New Ways of Working, which calls for a shift from a work style that requires employees to come to the office to a work style that is rooted in customers and workplaces and is not restricted by location. In line with this change, we are revising our telework system to remake it as a "remote work system" in which employees can choose where to work according to the characteristics of their work. At the same time, we have introduced a "work vacation system" that allows employees to work remotely while on vacation. The ANA Group introduced its flextime system in 200, and since 2007 we have been able to eliminate core hours. In addition, we have introduced a system that allows employees to apply for shorter working hours and shorter days for any reason, which until recently limited exemptions for childcare and nursing care. The program was introduced on a trial basis in fiscal 2020, and will be fully integrated from fiscal 2021. We are also introducing a sabbatical leave system that allows employees to take a leave of absence for any reason, and expanding the scope of concurrent employment to include employment by other companies.

Work-Life Balance Support System

The ANA Group has developed and expanded its work-life balance support system to accommodate the diverse circumstances of individual employees throughout the company, and is promoting its use by informing employees of the system and the range of benefits.