Access to Remedy

Grievance Mechanism

The ANA Group has a number of contact points for listening to concerns or complaints from customers, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders.
"Ninja" which was set up in November 2020 is a contact point for listening to complaints operated by a third party organization, CRT Japan, and the ANA Group recommends workers of the Group companies and major partner companies to use this platform. It is accessible 24/7 in 7 languages and can be used anonymously without fear of disadvantage. It is also possible for the caller to report under his or her real name if he or she so desires.
There have been four reports and in each case a response that confirms the availability of the Company's policies concerning the issue raised and includes the information of contact persons for the workplace in which the relevant worker engaged was given within a week. Three of them have been reported to Legal & Insurance as cases potentially relating to compliance issues raised by workers within the Group and are being addressed. The current challenge is to enhance the credibility of this mechanism among non-Japanese workers engaged at partner companies outside the Group.
We recognize as an issue how we can hear more voices and lead those voices to improvements in the Group's policies and responses, the primary purpose, and how understanding on human rights within the Group and across the supply chain can be enhanced. As such, while we recognize it is not a goal to establish 'contact points for listening to complaints,' we will continue to work on the design and operation of a grievance mechanism that seeks to respond actively to the workers' voices, including the 'development and organization of the policies for the overall grievance mechanism' and 'training on human rights for the entire Group and suppliers.'

Grievance Contact Points of the ANA Group
Name Main target Description
Grievance contact point, "Ninja" Workers engaged in the ANA Group's supply chain It is a platform for listening to voices regarding infringement of human rights, targeting workers engaged in the ANA Group's supply chain (not preventing use by the employees of the Group companies). This is a contact point offered and operated by a third party organization, CRT Japan, accessible in 7 languages, and can be used anonymously without fear of disadvantage. It is also possible for the caller to report under his or her real name if he or she so desires. A user raises an issue, and the ANA Group provides a reply that confirms the availability of policies relating to the issue and includes information for two or more contact points for the user to take further actions regarding the issue. This contact point is intended to prevent an issue from becoming more serious with a user not knowing where to consult for the issue.
Whistleblower contact point, "ANA Alert" Mainly the ANA Group's employees It is accessible by all officers and employees engaged in the ANA Group's operations, including temporary employees, and retirees as well as officers and employees of our counterparties. We ensure that the privacy of the whistleblower and other parties concerned is protected and that they are not disadvantaged due to their reporting or cooperating in confirmation of the facts. We have also established whistleblower contact points at law firms outside the company. Complaints can also be filed in English.
"ANA Desk for Comments and Requests" Customers Targeting customers who use ANA's services, it responds not only to inquiries about ANA's services, but also to concerns and comments about human rights issues. Inquiries can be made by telephone, e-mail, or mail, in Japanese or English.
Contact point "Inquiries for Shareholder Relations" Shareholders We have a contact point for shareholders, accessible by telephone.
  • These do not prevent the use of public contact points such as one established by the Japanese government in accordance with the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprise (National Contact Point).

Remedial Status

Please see the below for details of responses to concerns and complaints received through the contact points for consultation and others.

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