Seminar on preventing human trafficking

We held a seminar on preventing human trafficking.

The ANA Group, whose core business is air transportation, has identified human rights as one of the most important issues that we must address as a company. We educate employees about human rights through in-house training and e-learning to deepen their understanding of respect for human rights. As part of this effort, on December 10, 2020, in conjunction with the World Human Rights Day, we held a joint webinar with Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA) on the prevention of human trafficking. There was strong interest within the company, and approximately 180 people participated.

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Although many people may think that human trafficking takes place in distant places, it is a crime that is said to be spreading rapidly throughtout the world, and that aircraft are often used for trafficking people because it involves travel over long distances where victims cannot escape. Against this background, there are growing expectations for the airline industry to play a role in preventing human trafficking.
In this seminar, the National Police Agency and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) were invited to speak about the situation and challenges of human trafficking in Japan and overseas.
Also, strengthening cooperation among private companies including airlines was called upon, to establish procedures for reporting victims who are found on board flights (already implemented by ANA), and to distribute pamphlets for victims to report their own trafficking.

In a panel discussion participated by representatives of the Caux Round Table* of business executives, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), NAA, and airline companies, each company or organization presented their initiatives on preventing human trafficking, along with active discussions.

Panel discussion

Kumi Tsunekawa, ANA’s General Manager of Quality Planning Department of Operations Support Center, spoke as a panelist.
"ANA has been reporting cases of suspected trafficking to the ground since April 2019. We believe that it is important to hand over information, not people, in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) to ‘Do No Harm.’ It is important to take action such as speaking up when you feel suspicious," she said.

General Manager of ANA FOC Ms.Tsunekawa

Participants commented: "I was shocked to learn that human trafficking is happening near me and that the airplane could become a place where crimes can occur." "As a cabin attendant, I want to make sure I have the courage to notify other cabin attendants if I notice that things do not seem right with a passenger, so that we can respond appropriately."

The ANA Group hopes that this seminar helps each individual to develop awareness and become a deterrent to help prevent human trafficking. The ANA Group will contribute toward achieving SDGs by continuing our cooperation with related parties to strengthen our initiatives, to ensure that airline services will not be used for crimes like human trafficking.

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