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About Upgrade Points

About the Service

Upgrade Points are special points awarded to premium members based on the number of premium points earned on ANA Group operated flights between January and December of the previous year. They can be used for seat upgrades or lounge access, making your journey even more enjoyable.


Flights boarded and used between April 1 and March 31 (JST) within a single Japanese fiscal year.

  • If you reserve an upgrade in advance, points used are based on the date of flight

    Example: If your departure date is between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022, you can use your FY 2021 Upgrade Points.

        If your departure date is between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023, you can use your FY 2022 Upgrade Points.

  • Points cannot be carried over to the following fiscal year (starting April 1).

ANA グループ運航便ご利用分のプレミアムポイント数 アップグレードポイント数 (250,000~100ポイント)(200,000~249,999 80ポイント)(150,000~199,999 60ポイント)(120,000~149,999 50ポイント)(80,000~119,999 40ポイント)(40,000~79,999 20ポイント)(30,000~39,999 10ポイント)(20,000~29,999 8ポイント)(10,000~19,999 6ポイント)(1~9,999 4ポイント)(0 0ポイント)

Super Flyers Members

In addition to the Upgrade Points earned by using ANA Group-operated flights, Diamond Service, Platinum Service, and Bronze Service members who are also Super Flyers Primary Members (excludes Family Members) will receive an additional 4 Upgrade Points.

Please be aware of Important Notices

  • Upgrade Points will not be awarded if ANA Group operated flights are not taken.

How to Use This Service

Services Available with Upgrade Points

ANA Upgrade Seat Awards

Use Upgrade Points to upgrade to Premium Class on Japan domestic flights, and to Business Class or First Class on international flights.

Lounge Access

Upgrade Points can be used for lounge access by Bronze service members, guests accompanied by Premium members, and registered award users.

Convert ANA Upgrade Points to ANA SKY COINS

One Upgrade Point can be converted into an ANA SKY COINS.