Mileage Accrual Conditions

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Mileage Accrual Terms and Conditions

Accrual Terms and Conditions

Only hotel stays by the ANA Mileage Club member are eligible for mileage accrual.
In addition, only stays which are paid for directly at the hotel are eligible.

  • Please confirm the charges which are eligible for mileage accrual at each hotel chain when making the reservation.
  • If multiple ANA Mileage Club members are staying in the same room, only 1 of the members can accrue the miles.
    Even if an ANA Mileage Club member reserves and makes payment for multiple rooms, miles will only be accrued for the reservation for 1 room.
  • Only the person whose name is indicated on the receipt can accrue miles from the hotel stay.

Not Eligible for Mileage Accrual

  • Banquet charges at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®) and ANA co-branded hotels as well as ANA Hotels
  • Stays at group discount rates
  • Some discount rates and payments via coupons
  • When using ANA Traveler’s hotel, the amount of miles designated by the service will be accrued automatically. Please refer to the ANA Traveler's hotel for details.