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Terms and Conditions

Information Regarding Award Usage

Customers Who Are Eligible to Use Awards

The ANA Mileage Club (AMC) Members (primary member), their spouse or same-sex partner, and relatives within 2 degrees of family relationship are eligible to use awards.

  • Award user registration is required in advance.

  • Only the primary member can redeem miles for partner points.

  • Spouse/partner includes same-sex partners.

Combining Family Members' Miles to Redeem Awards

Points to Note When Applying for Awards

Please redeem awards before the expiration dates of the miles.

All miles credited to customers’ accounts are divided into four different groups (Groups 1 to 4). The expiration date and benefits/procedures for which miles can be used vary by group.

For information on how each mileage account group differs, please see What Are Mileage Account Groups?

Mileage will expire based on Japan Standard Time.

The primary member must apply for the award.

The identity of the primary member is verified at the time of the award application. Please have your ANA Card or AMC Card ready. If the 10-digit AMC membership number is not provided, the application will not be accepted. As a general principle, applications by persons other than the primary member are not accepted. If applying for an award by proxy, the identity of the proxy will be verified.

  • In order to combine family members' miles to redeem flight awards using the ANA Card Family Miles service or the ANA Mileage Club Family Account Service (AFA), the primary member (representative) must log in and submit an application.

Make sure to confirm the mileage balance of the account.

The account must have sufficient miles to redeem the award at the time of the application.

Miles will be deducted in accordance with the expiration date and mileage account group.

The number of miles required to redeem awards will be automatically deducted from the member’s mileage account in order of the earliest expiration date. If there are miles with the same expiration date in different mileage account groups, they will be automatically combined and deducted in accordance with the following order of priority.

Order of priority for combining miles: Group 4→3→2→1

Awards are delivered only to the postal address that is registered to the primary member's account.

However, it is possible to designate other delivery addresses for ANA Selection Awards and when using ANA Shopping A-Style. That being said, delivery addresses are restricted to only those within Japan.

The primary member cannot combine their miles with those from other AMC accounts or other airlines.

The primary member cannot combine their miles with those from the mileage accounts of family members and friends to redeem awards.

Combining AMC miles and miles from other airlines' frequent flyer programs is also prohibited.

  • Those who are registered with the ANA Card Family Miles service or the ANA Mileage Club Family Account Service (AFA) can combine ANA Mileage Club miles to redeem the awards shown below. Please note that they cannot redeem other awards.

    • ANA Domestic Flight Awards

    • ANA International Flight Awards

    • ANA International Upgrade Awards

    • ANA Partner Airline Flight Awards

    • ANA SKY COINS (members residing in Japan only)

If an award is not used, the miles which were used for redemption cannot be refunded back to the mileage account or exchanged for another award.

Awards which go unused after application will become invalid. ANA flight awards and ANA international upgrade awards may be eligible for refunds if unused. Please refer to the information for the respective award for details.

Other Information

  • A customer who is using multiple seats on the same flight cannot use flight awards.

  • Terms and conditions for award usage are subject to change without notice.