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Transit Information

Here the process of connecting from a domestic flight to another domestic flight or from a domestic flight to an international flight is explained.


From October 25, 2020, all codeshare flights operated by StarFlyer to/from Haneda Airport use Terminal 1.

For further details, please see Departure/Arrival Terminal Change for Codeshare Flights Operated by StarFlyer to/from Haneda Airport.

Connecting from a Japan domestic flight to another Japan domestic flight

If all the following conditions are fulfilled, you can check in for the connecting flight.

  • The connecting flight must depart and arrive on the same date.

  • You have a ticket for the reserved connecting flight, or you have completed the payment for the ticket for the reserved connecting flight.

  • The airport at which your connecting flight departs and the airport at which it arrives are the same. (The following airports will be considered as the same airport for connecting flights: Haneda and Narita airports; Itami, Kansai, and Kobe airports; Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, and Saga airports; Hiroshima and Iwakuni airports)

  • The minimum connecting time is met.

Through check-in

  • Procedures for connecting between Japan domestic flights and baggage check-in are available for a maximum of 3 sectors. Please present boarding passes for all sectors up to your final destination.

  • Connecting flight procedures and baggage check-in are also available when traveling with our partner airlines (AIRDO (ADO), Solaseed Air (SNA), StarFlyer (SFJ), IBEX Airlines (IBX), and Oriental Air Bridge (ORC)).

  • For connections to JAL Group flights (JAL/JAC/JTA/RAC/HAC/J-AIR), Amakusa Airlines (AMX), only baggage check-in is available. Please carry out boarding procedures (check-in) with the relevant airline.
    Note: Valuables, fragile items, pets, firearms, ammunition, bladed articles, and baggage subject to duty must be retrieved at the transfer airport and then checked in again at the airline's counter.

Online Check-In for Connecting Flights

If all flights within the connecting itinerary are contained in the same reservation, online check-in will be available for up to 3 sectors at a time.
Please scan your mobile boarding pass on the reader at the security checkpoint.

  • If you have booked each sector separately, you can check in online by completing the procedures separately as well.

Cases where Procedures Must be Completed at a Self-service Check-in Machine or Airport Counter

  • Passengers who have tickets of connecting flights 4 sectors or more

  • Passengers connecting to international flights.

Minimum connecting time

To help ensure that your trip goes smoothly, please allow enough time to transit.
Additional time may be required for connecting passengers requiring assistance. Please consult with the ANA Disability Desk.

  • ⇔ indicates connection between airlines.

Connections Between Japan Domestic Flights

Airlines Time required
ANA⇔ ANA and ADO, IBX, SNA, ORC At least 35 minutes at Haneda Airport
At least 25 minutes at Itami and Kansai Airports
At least 30 minutes at Okinawa (Naha) Airport
At least 20 minutes at Other Airports
SFJ At least 50 minutes at Haneda Airport
At least 25 minutes at Kansai Airport
At least 20 minutes at Fukuoka Airport
JAL Group (JAL, JAC, JTA, RAC, HAC, J-AIR), AMX At least 50 minutes at Haneda and Narita Airports
At least 30 minutes at Other Airports
  • There are no set connecting times for other airlines as ANA only has an Interline Traffic Agreement with ADO, SNA, SFJ, IBX, ORC, AMX and the JAL Group (JAL, JAC, JTA, RAC, HAC, J-AIR). Please plan accordingly so that you have enough time to connect to your next flight, and can pass through security by the time designated by the airline of your connecting flight.

    If you have any queries, please contact the airline of your connecting flight.

Transfer between airports
City Sectors Time required*1
Tokyo Between Haneda and Narita 180 min.

Between Itami and Kansai

Between Itami and kobe

Between Kansai and Kobe

180 min.

170 min.

190 min.


Between Fukuoka and Kitakyushu

Between Fukuoka and Saga

Between Kitakyushu and Saga

220 min.

175 min.

300 min.

Sanyo Between Hiroshima and Iwakuni 215 min.
Hokkaido Between New Chitose and Okadama 150 min.
  • * 1

    Includes time required for transportation between airports.

Notes Regarding the Connecting Airport

  • At some airports, arrival and departure lobby may be at the same area,and you can directly go to your next gate. Make sure to check the latest boarding gate by Self Service Check-in machine.

  • A ticket reader is available at the transit facilities at Haneda Airport.
    For security reasons, when proceeding to the second floor departure gates from the airport's transit facilities, you will need to touch the relevant item for your connecting flight on the ticket reader provided.

Connections from Japan Domestic to International Flights

Connections from ANA Domestic to ANA International Flights

For connections to international flights, please check in early.

Check-in and baggage check-in up to your destination (through check-in) is available at the airport when departing on a Japan domestic flight and connecting on to an ANA-Group operated international flight (excludes Kitakyushu and Iki airports). Please come to the counter early as more time will be required than usual to check in.
If multi-airport transit (e.g. Haneda-Narita or Itami-Kansai) is included in the itinerary, baggage check-in is required at the departure airport of international flight.

  • More details for ANA international flight, click "Check-in, Travel notice".

  • Those passengers who have checked in online from Online Check-in for both domestic and international flights, please check Information from Transfers from Domestic to International Flights.

International connection Check-in Counter

To complete procedures, please use a self-service check-in machine or visit the counter at the departure airport in Japan.

Tokyo (Haneda) Airport
Signage at counter (near security checkpoints A/D)
Sapporo (New Chitose) Airport
Signage at counter (Counter No.6)

To complete through check-in for an international flight at an airport in Japan, please use a self-service check-in machine*1 or visit the international connection counter.

Airports with International Connection Check-in Counters
Airport Counter No.


(New Chitose)







South Terminal



Domestic Terminal 1F





Passengers who have completed Online Check-in through international flights do not need to check in at the airport. Baggage check-in is available at the baggage drop counter when the counter mentioned above closes.

Minimum Connection Time

When connecting from ANA domestic flights to ANA international flights*1, please ensure that you allow sufficient time as indicated in the following guidelines.

  • * 1

    International codeshare flights operated by partner airlines are not included.

Connections from ANA Japan Domestic Flights to ANA Group International Flights

ANA domestic flights

to ANA international flights

ANA international flights

to ANA domestic flights

Narita 45 min. 75 min.

Connecting to Terminal 2

55 min.

Connecting to Terminal 3

70 min.

80 min.
Kansai 55 min. 60 min.
Nagoya (Chubu) 60 min. 60 min.
Between Haneda and Narita*1 180 min. 180 min.
Between Itami and Kansai*1 180 min. 180 min.
Between Kobe and Kansai*1 230 min. 210 min.
  • * 1

    Including approximate time required for transferring between airports.

Minimum Connection Time

The minimum connection time differs by the connecting airport and airline. For details, please contact ANA.

Number of Sectors Available for Connections

Procedures are available for a maximum of 5 sectors (2 Japan domestic sectors and 3 international sectors).

  • This only applies for connecting flights departing on the same or following day of arrival at the connecting airport.

  • Through check-in may also be available when using public transportation between airports in Japan.

For other conditions, please contact ANA.