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AMC Companion Fare (Dedicated Fare for ANA Mileage Club Members)

This is a special fare available when 2–4 people, including an ANA Mileage Club Member, travel together as a group on the same outbound and inbound route. Vouchers can also be used by family members and friends.

Image of AMC Companion Fare
  • There is no need to complete Award User Registration.

  • Passenger Facility Charge will be added (only for flights departing from/arriving at the applicable airports).

  • JPY 20,400 on certain routes (return trip)

  • Please note that the fare amount varies between periods.

Travel (Boarding) Periods and Fare Tables for "AMC Companion Fares"

Boarding Period Fare Table
March 31, 2024 - October 26, 2024 AMC Companion Fare Table(Japanese Only)

From the reservations start date/time on the relevant flight schedule*1 until the day before departure.

  • * 1

    All flights will go on sale on the issuance date of the relevant schedule, twice a year.
    Summer flight schedule departures (from the last Sunday of March until the Saturday directly before the last Sunday of October): Due to go on sale around late January
    Winter flight schedule departures (from the last Sunday of October until the Saturday directly before  the last Sunday of March): Due to go on sale around late August

  • Departure/arrival times, flight numbers, aircraft types, aircraft, operating airlines, seat numbers, etc. are  subject to change  even after the flight schedule has been issued.

  • The fare amount is the amount for each section.

  • Certain flights are not eligible.

  • Waitlisting is not available.

Example of Use

Tokyo=Okinawa for four family members (One way fare amount in the normal period : JPY 13,900).

Image of AMC Companion Fare example use
  • No child fares are available

Reservation & Payment Methods

Application and payment can be made from the top page of the ANA domestic flights website and the ANA Mileage Club website.

  • Tickets reserved on the ANA website can only be purchased via the ANA website.

Payment should be made by one of the following methods:.

1) By credit card
2) At a convenience store (Seven-Eleven, LAWSON, MINISTOP, FamilyMart)
3) Using Pay-easy at a designated financial institutuin's ATM

*Please complete payment on the day you make your resevation.

First check seat availability!

Login is required to make a AMC Companion Fare reservation.

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