Guide for facilities in Hong Kong International Airport

Since the boarding gate check-in counters might be subject to change, please check at the airport to the day of departure .


  • 1 Immigration 
  • 2 Baggage Claim 
  • 3 Customs 

Arrival Terminal

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Please present your passport and entry card.
Your passport will be returned to you with a departure card.

Baggage Claim

To prevent wrong luggage from being picked up, an airport staff may ask you to check for the luggage tag information at the luggage claim area.


Please present your customer declaration form here if you have something to declare.
Please go to the red counter if you have items to declare or to the green counter if you do not have any items to declare.

APM (shuttle)

On the third floor you will find unmanned shuttles called 'APM,' which are convenient for transportation between the Immigration Area and Gates 33 - 80.There are also moving walkways on the fifth and sixth floors.

Ferry transfer Service

Now you can use Ferry transfer Service and make the transit to Mainland China without having to go through immigration control and custom clearance in Hong Kong.
Passengers who wish to use ferries should not go through procedure of above [1] - [3] but go directly to "Ferry connecting counter."


Departure terminal

  • 1 Check-in 
  • 2 Immigration 
  • 3 Security Check 
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Please present your passport and boarding pass.


Please prepare the passport, the appropriate half of the immigration card and boarding pass.

Security Check

After Security Check, please go to the boarding gate.

Ferry transfer Service

Connecting to flights to Japan from the cities in Pearl River Delta without going through Immigration of Hong Kong is possible. For details, see Ferry transit service with the cities in Pearl River Delta.

About the Check-in Service at Airport Express Hong Kong Station and Kowloon Station

*Check-in service has been suspended since April 10, 2020.

When going to Hong Kong Airport using the airport express from Hong Kong Station or Kowloon Station, check-in* and hand luggage check-in will be available at each station.
*Use of the service is subject to the train ticket including Hongkong airport.

<Check-in counter operation hours>
From 5:30 AM on the day of departure to 90 minutes before departure time of the flight.
 *Check-in time for NH1930 : 07:00-12:25