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Suica Value (ANA VISA Suica Card Cardholders Only) [Redeem Partner Points]

  • Using Miles

10,000 miles can be used to redeem JPY 10,000 in monetary value that can be charged to a Suica.


ANA VISA Suica Card cardholders.

How to Apply

Click the Redeem Suica Value button to proceed.

  • Login is required for application.

(Text is available in Japanese only.)

Collect Via "VIEW ALTTE" ATMs

To collect redeemed Suica value, go to any "VIEW ALTTE" ATM (located at East Japan Railway Company (JR East) train stations and other locations) and complete procedures to charge your ANA VISA Suica Card or a personalized Suica that is linked to said card. *1


Select 「Suicaチャージ」 (Charge Suica). 


Select 「提携ポイントチャージ」 (Charge with Partner Points). 


Insert the card (either your ANA VISA Suica Card or a Suica that is linked to said card) to which you would like to add partner points.
If you insert a Suica that is linked to your ANA VISA Suica Card, insert your ANA VISA Suica Card afterwards.


Enter the PIN number for your ANA VISA Suica Card.


Select the value of JPY 10,000.

  • Suica can be charged in units of JPY 10,000.


Confirm the details on the screen and press 「確認」 (Confirm) if you wish to proceed.
Select whether or not you would like to receive a statement. Then, collect your card(s) and statement (if applicable). 

  • Two cards will be returned to you if you charge a Suica that is linked to your ANA VISA Suica Card, so please remember to collect both.

Customers who have forgotten their PINs are asked to contact Sumitomo Mitsui Card (0120-911-911: voice guidance system/service code [41]).
A PIN notification will be sent to your registered address by post in approximately 1 week.
The ANA Mileage Club Service Center is not able to respond to inquiries regarding "VIEW ALTTE" ATMs or credit card PINs.
If you have any questions regarding how to use "VIEW ALTTE" ATMs, please use the telephone at the terminal to confirm.


  • The redemption rate (10,000 miles = JPY 10,000 of Suica value) remains applicable regardless of how many partner point redemptions are made during a year.

  • This benefit is available for the requester (registered ANA Mileage Club member) to use to charge the Suica balance of their ANA VISA Suica Card or a personalized Suica that is linked to said card.
    It cannot be used to charge value to other types of Suica(Mobile Suica, etc).

  • If you have added a personalized Suica that is linked to an ANA VISA Suica Card to Apple Pay, you will not be able to charge the personalized Suica, and should therefore charge the ANA VISA Suica Card instead.

  • The Suica function of the ANA VISA Suica Card alone cannot be added to Apple Pay.

  • After requesting redemption (by 24:00), charging will be possible 2 days later from 06:00.
    Redeemed value can be charged during the period from 06:00 two days after requesting redemption (by 24:00) until the end of the following fiscal year (last day of March) from the day after the request was received.
    If charging procedures are not completed during this period, the redeemed Suica value will be invalidated. Please make sure to collect the redeemed value by completing charging procedures within the period. Even if redeemed Suica value becomes invalidated, the miles that were deducted for the redemption will not be refunded.

  • The maximum amount that can be charged to the Suica balance of an ANA VISA Suica Card or a personalized Suica that is linked to said card is JPY 20,000.
    It is not possible to collect a Suica amount if doing so will exceed the maximum allowable balance. Please make sure to check your Suica balance before applying and collecting.

  • Charging will not be possible if the requester is not an ANA VISA Suica Card cardholder at the time of the charging procedures.

  • After an application is submitted, the redemption cannot be canceled and Suica value cannot be refunded back into your mileage account as miles. Please redeem partner company points or benefits after confirming the relevant terms and conditions.

  • You can apply for this benefit from the Members-only Features on the ANA website.


Inquiries About ANA Mileage Club

Please follow the voice guidance system and select [3] for mileage service inquiries.