Stakeholder Engagement and Dialogue

Implementation status of Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders we have dialogue with and the method of dialogue will differ depending on the human rights theme. At the ANA Group, we consider how best to approach our stakeholders in order to understand their views and wishes, and use their feedback to improve our initiatives and make our engagement more effective. We also periodically report the results of our initiatives to stakeholders, and adjust our initiatives as necessary in response to their feedback. The ANA Group believes that building good relations with stakeholders will result in appropriate risk management.

Communication with Contractors, Suppliers, and Other Business Partners

We inform all contractors and suppliers of the ANA Group Purchasing Guidelines. We work together to ensure their workplace environments uphold respect for human rights.

Overseas Dialogue

We recognize that the fisheries industry in Thailand presents potential human rights risks in the ANA Group supply chain. In June 2019, we visited Thailand for the purpose of understanding the state of migrant workers and learning about the response to issues in the fishing industry. We performed local on-site visits and exchanged views with international institutions, local NGOs, and others. In October, we visited a company involved in the production of in-flight meals for ANA flights departing from Thailand. There, we conducted interviews about initiatives related to traceability and exchanged views with local NGOs and others.

Dialogue in Thailand