Terms of Use

Cancellations and refunds cannot be made via the ANA website for the following types of reservations.

  • ・Reservations which include an upgraded flight (refundable after cancellation the upgrade)
  • ・Recervations which include multiple names, if only part of the customer to the cancellation / refund
  • ・Purchased reservation in cash with non AMC members
  • ・Reservations made via a travel agency
  • ・Reservations made via the Mexican website

There may be other instances in which cancellations/refunds cannot be made due to the nature of the reservation. In the event that you are unable to cancel/refund your reservation via the ANA website, please contact ANA by telephone.

Grace Period for Cancellations/Refunds

Until 24 hours prior to the departure of desired flight
*Refund deadline depends on the fare rule.

Regarding Cancellations/Refunds

A refund will be issued to the credit card you used for the purchase.

  • When you used other payment methods than a credit card for the purchase
    • ・Cash
      A refund will be made to your designated bank account. (The customer will be responsible for any bank transfer fees.)
      When performing the relevant procedures, you will need your ANA Mileage Club login information. If you are not an AMC member, please contact ANA by telephone.
      ANA SKY COINS will be refunded to the mileage account. (Excluding the ANA SKY COINS that have expired at the time of the refund)
    • ・Paypal
      PayPal's refund standards will apply.

As a general rule, a refund will be made to the person who is listed as the passenger on the ticket. For identification purposes, you may be asked to present your ANA Mileage Club number, official identification document or an authorization letter.

Public Documents
Passport, driver's license, insurance card, Residence Card, local resident registration, city resident registration, town resident registration, village resident registration, pension book, etc.