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ANA and Airbnb teaming up to offer a new way to travel in Japan.


Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world.
Home-sharing is now even more popular in Japan thanks to the enforcement of the Private Lodging Business Act.

Check out an area immediately!

Find accommodation near popular areas!

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Find the perfect accommodation for your interests!

  • Stay at a traditional Japanese house

    Make the most of your travels and spend some time at a charming, traditional Japanese house.

  • Lodge at a farmhouse

    Immerse yourself in nature for a relaxing time.

  • Enjoy a trip with your pet!

    Take your pet along on your next holiday.

  • Delightful villas and log houses

    The woodland homes and log houses you have only seen in your dreams are waiting to be discovered.

  • Camping and glamping

    In need of some blue sky and fresh air? Then look no further than a camping vacation for a bit of nature therapy.

  • Meet your host

    Only available with home-sharing offered by Superhosts in Japan

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Finally available in Japan!

What is Airbnb Plus?

Find the perfect house here. Enjoy a holiday in the home of your dreams with Airbnb Plus.

Beautiful homes. Exceptional hosts. Verified for quality.
Airbnb Plus is a new selection of only the highest quality homes with hosts known for great reviews and attention to detail.

Every home is visited in person for a 100+ point quality inspection to ensure your comfort.

Starting in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, Airbnb Plus will be available in Japan soon.

Double Deal Campaign

Up to 200 miles Details + Airbnb Coupon 3,000yen Details

Enter the coupon code on Airbnb's payment page to receive a 3,000 yen discount on your Airbnb reservation! You can also earn up to 200 miles by registering your 10-digit ANA Mileage Club Membership Number through the URL included in the e-mail that is sent after your stay.

ANA Mileage Club member login is required to obtain the coupon code.
Login on the top page, then please reaccess this promotion page.

Here is Your Coupon Code

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  • • Coupon Discount Amount: 3,000 Yen (Applicable for Reservations Exceeding 10,000 Yen)
  • • Coupon Expiration Date: Nov 5, 2018
  • • To use the coupon, enter the above coupon code when making the reservation.
    Reservations must be made by Nov 5, 2018 (including host approval), but the actual stay dates can be later.
    Please refer to the detailed terms and conditions below.
  • STEP1 Select your desired theme from the Themed Accommodations.
  • STEP2 Select your desired listing on the linked Airbnb website.
  • STEP3 On Airbnb's payment page, enter the coupon code that is displayed on this page and complete your reservation.
Coupon Terms and Conditions
  • • A coupon can be used to redeem a 3,000 yen discount for one reservation that totals over 10,000 yen (excluding Airbnb handling fees and cleaning fees).
    To receive the discount, the reservation procedures must be completed (including host approval) via the Airbnb website or the latest version of the Airbnb mobile app by 11:59 PM on Nov 5, 2018 (JST).
    The actual stay dates can be later than Nov 5, 2018.
  • • When a coupon is used for a reservation and the reservation is subsequently canceled, that coupon is considered void and cannot be used again.
  • • Expired coupons cannot be reissued.
  • • Coupons can only be used by first-time Airbnb users in Japan.
  • • Only one person per reservation can use the discount.
  • • The coupon is only valid for one-time use. Unused coupon amounts cannot be applied to other reservations or refunded for cash, and will become null and void.
  • • Coupons cannot be transferred to third parties or converted into cash.
  • • If a refund is granted after the reservation is made, the amount of the refund will be the actual amount that was paid.
  • • This coupon code cannot be used with older versions of the Airbnb mobile app.
  • • This coupon code cannot be used in conjunction with other Airbnb coupons or discount codes.
  • • The amount received by the host will not be affected when a guest uses the coupon code.
  • • Airbnb reserves the right to deny the discount, cancel your reservation, or terminate your account, etc., if unauthorized use, tampering, violation of Airbnb Terms of Service, or technical errors are suspected.
  • • Airbnb and its affiliate companies make no warranty of any kind, either express or implied, regarding the coupon.
  • • Airbnb reserves the right to appropriately modify these terms and conditions at its discretion.
  • • By obtaining or using the coupon, guests will be deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.
  • • Please refer to the Airbnb FAQs to learn more about how to use the coupon.


Airbnb Help Center


  • STEP1 Select your desired theme from the Themed Accommodations.
  • STEP2 Select your desired listing on the linked Airbnb website.
  • STEP3 On Airbnb's payment page, enter the coupon code that is displayed on this page and complete your reservation.
  • STEP4 You will receive an email from Airbnb within eight weeks after your check-out date.
  • STEP5 Access the URL that is included in the email and register your 10-digit ANA Mileage Club Membership Number.
  • STEP6 The miles will be credited to your ANA Mileage Club account in about 1-2 months from your registration.
Points to Note
  • • Only Airbnb reservations that are made through this page will be eligible for this promotion.
  • • Miles will not be earned if reservations are cancelled.

Earn Up to 200 Miles!

Campaign Details
Book Airbnb accommodation through this page and then stay there to earn miles in line with your accommodation fee*.
Campaign Period
Reservation procedures (including the host's approval) must be completed from November 6, 2017 to November 5, 2018, and check out must be completed no later than 23:59 on December 31, 2018.

Eligible Customers
ANA Mileage Club members who book Airbnb accommodation through this page and then stay there
Mileage Accrual Period
We will send an email with a mileage accrual link to the e-mail address registered with Airbnb no later than eight weeks after you have checked out.
Access the link and enter your 10-digit ANA Mileage Club Membership Number. Your miles will then be credited to your account within one to two months.
*Mileage will not be accrued if the reservation is cancelled.

*Mileage Earned in Line with Accommodation Fees (per reservation)

First Airbnb Reservation Second Airbnb Reservation Onward
JPY 5,000-9,999 50 miles 25 miles
JPY 10,000-19,999 100 miles 50 miles
JPY 20,000 or more 200 miles 100 miles

*For further information, please see the notes below.

Airbnb 3,000 Yen Discount Coupon

Promotion Details
Get an Airbnb coupon (3,000 yen/person) to use for a new Airbnb reservation!!
Note: This coupon cannot be used for existing reservations.
Promotion Period
Reservations which are made between Monday November 6, 2017 and 23:59 on Monday, November 5, 2018 (including host approval) are applicable.
Note: The actual stay dates can be after the promotion period.
Eligible Customers
First-time Airbnb users in Japan.


<Mileage Accrual Eligibility>

  • - Customers who make a reservation through this campaign, stay at the reserved accommodation, and then register their 10-digit ANA Mileage Club Membership number via the link emailed to the e-mail address registered with Airbnb
  • - Customers must register their 10-digit ANA Mileage Club Membership Number no later than the last day of the sixth month after the email from Airbnb has been received.
    Mileage will not be accrued if the number is not registered.
  • - The total accommodation fee displayed on the Airbnb receipt page.
  • - Accommodation fees that change on the Airbnb website before the checkout time
  • - The accommodation fee before discount deduction for customers who use the Airbnb discount coupon available with this campaign

<Cases in Which Mileage Cannot Be Accrued>

  • - Reservations with a checkout date on or after January 1, 2019 (JST)
  • - Consumption tax, VAT, council tax, and currency exchange fees are not eligible for double miles.
  • - Payments made between the the guest and host which are not displayed on the Airbnb receipt page
  • - Reservations that are not made through this page
  • * Mileage accrual may not be possible if cookies are disabled in the browser settings.
    Please be sure to enable cookies before making your reservation.
  • *If you wish to make a second reservation, please do so via this campaign page again.


  • - Miles will be awarded to the reservation maker.
    They cannot be divided between several people.
  • - Customers residing within an EU member state:
    If you use the Airbnb service through this website, your personal information will be sent to a country outside of the EU.
    Please note that the government measures in place to protect personal information in the country your information is sent to may differ to those in your country of residence.
  • - ANA is not responsible for any trouble that may occur between the guest and the accommodation facility.
  • - Airbnb's terms and conditions will apply for all other service usage matters.


Airbnb Help Center

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