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What Are Mileage Account Groups?

Miles credited to your mileage account are divided into groups depending on the reason for crediting.
Miles earned from flights and Life Solution Services*1 will be credited to Group 1 (regular miles),
Miles earned through promotions and other activities will be credited to one of Group 2 through 4 (see below)*2.
To confirm how many miles you have in each group, please see your mileage account balance.

  • * 1

    Life Solution Service is a generic term for a variety of services for daily life, such as shopping, in addition to air travel.

  • * 2

    Some promotions may be credited to Group 1 (regular miles). Mileage account group and expiration date will be announced on each campaign website.

Reason for accumulated Mileage account group to be accumulated Effective date
Accumulation through the use of flight and life solution services Group 1:Miles Validity Period 36 months
Accumulation by Campaign Accumulate to one of the following groups
Group 2:Miles (Time limited)
Group 3:Miles (Time and usage limited)
Group 4:Miles related to aviation services (Time limited)
Validity period varies by campaign
  • *We will provide information on each campaign's website

Please see below for available mileage account groups for each award and procedure.


  • Miles will be deducted in order of validity period, starting with those soon to expire. If there are miles with the same validity period in different mileage account groups, they will be deducted in the following order: group 4 (Miles related to aviation services "Time limited"), group 3 (Miles ”Time and usage limited"), group 2(Miles”Time limited"), and then group 1 (Miles).

  • For customers with Diamond Service membership, the validity periods of any unused miles will be extended so that they do not expire during the membership period. If a customer's Diamond Service membership stops, any unused miles will expire at the end of the month 36 months after that point.

  • For Million Milers (customers with 1,000,000 or more ANA Lifetime Miles), the validity periods of any unused miles will be extended indefinitely.