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Use ANA SKY COINS to Purchase Tickets and Travel Products

Here you can find information about ANA SKY COINS, which can be used for purchasing domestic and international flight tickets as well as travel products via the ANA website.

  • Using Miles

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STEP 1 Reservations

After logging in with your ANA Mileage Club membership number and web password, make the reservation for your desired flight.

  • ANA SKY COINS cannot be used as payment for some fares and fees.

  • Please check usage eligibility.

STEP 2 Redeem Miles and Partner Points for ANA SKY COINS!

Redeem with Miles

ANA Mileage Club Members:


Redemption is possible starting from 1 mile.

The redemption rate will vary depending on the amount of miles being redeemed, the ANA Mileage Club membership status, and the type of ANA Card.* (Example: 30,000 miles = 42,000 coins)

  • Cards which have "ANA CARD" printed on the front side are referred to as ANA Cards.

Please use the members-only features to apply.

  • ANA SKY COINS can also be redeemed during the purchase procedures.

Redeem with Partner Points

ANA SKY COINS can also be redeemed with partner points.


Please refer to the Redeem with Points page for details regarding eligible partners and redemption increments.

STEP 3 Purchase


If a customer uses ANA SKY COINS to purchase a flight ticket and then requests a refund due to their own circumstances, any coins that have expired at the time of the request will not be refunded.

Please see the Refund Requests section for further information.

  • When canceling a domestic flight ticket purchase, the ANA SKY COINS used for the purchase will be prioritized when deducting any applicable refund and cancellation charges.

  • For refunds of international flight ticket purchases, the amount paid with a credit card will be prioritized. Furthermore, if an amount is to be refunded, it will be refunded as ANA SKY COINS to your ANA SKY COIN balance. For flight tickets which were issued before April 11, 2015, amounts paid with ANA SKY COINS cannot be refunded.

  • ANA SKY COINS can be used in units of 10 coins (equivalent to JPY 10).