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How to Request This Service

Applications for upgrades can be submitted through the ANA website if the ticket number starts with "205".

If your ticket number does not start with 205, we kindly request you to call us instead.

  • Seat reservations for the class to which you wish to upgrade will be available once your upgrade is confirmed. Depending on availability, you may not be able to make a reservation for your preferred seat.

Applying via the ANA Website

  • After logging in, proceed to the Upgrade Reservation screen from the ANA International Flight Awards menu.

  • In order to combine family members' miles to redeem flight awards using the ANA Card Family Miles service or the ANA Mileage Club Family Account Service (AFA), the primary member (representative) must log in and submit an application.

Make Reservations by Phone

International Flights/Flights Award Reservations (Select "2")

For Customers Outside Japan
Contact Information

Cases Where Applications Are Not Available via the ANA Website

  • If the party contains a passenger accompanied by an infant who is not sitting in a separate seat

  • If the passenger is already checked in and has a connecting flight, etc.

  • If changing a reservation containing a flight for which an upgrade has been requested

  • If changing the type of upgrade (Upgrade Points/miles)

  • If tickets have been reserved and purchased together for two or more passengers and only certain members of the party wish to upgrade. *1

In the cases above, please apply for an upgrade by phone.

  • * 1

    Applies to tickets purchased through ANA. For tickets purchased elsewhere (e.g., travel agencies), please contact the location where you requested them.

Application Period (Deadline)

From 355 days prior to the departure date until 24 hours prior to the departure of the relevant flight.

  • The required mileage will be deducted from the mileage account when the reservation for the upgraded service class is secured.


Waitlisting is available until the departure date.

  • If a seat in the upgraded class of service cannot be secured in advance, please confirm with the check-in counter on the departure date.

  • Also if you have booked a special meal, we may not be able to serve a special meal in the upgraded class depending on when the upgrade is confirmed on the departure day.

  • A ticket must be purchased for all sectors in order to be eligible for upgrade award waitlisting.

  • The required mileage to redeem the award will be deducted from the mileage account when an upgraded seat is secured.

    Duplicate reservations for the same class of service as the upgrade award (both normal fare and award tickets) may not be accepted.

  • Based on the seat availability situation for the flight, waitlisting requests may not be accepted.

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