About ANA Business Flyers

the Membership Program Designed for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Receive up to a 5% discount! ANA Business Flyers is a membership program for small and medium sized companies in the U.S.

About ANA Business Flyers ™

ANA U.S.A. Business Flyers ™ program for small and medium sized companies ("ABF" or "Program")

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of October 1, 2015, ANA has updated the Terms and Conditions of its ANA Business Flyers ™ Program to cover ANA’s recent changes to the North America website and other minor revisions to the program. If you have any questions please contact the U.S.A. ABF desk directly at abf_northamerica_@121.ana.co.jp

ANA Business Flyers ™ is an original membership program established by ANA for small and medium sized companies in the U.S.A. that spend $10,000 or more annually on ANA transpacific flights originating in North America. Business travelers registered for this program will receive a Program Discount when purchasing tickets on the ANA U.S.A. website. There are no enrollment fees. Please take this opportunity to register for this program.

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Participation Qualifications

Small and medium sized companies, that are not sellers of travel, with a business entity duly registered in the United States that agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this program and have completed the registration process.

Small and medium sized companies with an existing corporate or incentive agreement with ANA to fly on International flights regularly are not eligible to participate in this program. Please note that participation in this Program will not be guaranteed by registration completion.

Each traveling employee must be enrolled in ANA Mileage Club (AMC) when making reservations using the benefits of this Program.

Information about ANA Mileage Club enrollment


The chart below provides the Program Discounts companies will receive based on Qualifying Purchases made each year. Participants will receive a 2% discount upon registration approval and will receive higher Program Discount if their Qualifying Purchases reach a higher discount during their Program Year.

Amount of Purchase Discount Percentage
Up to $20,000 2%
$20,001 ~ $30,000 3%
$30,001 ~ $50,000 4%
More than $50,000 5%

Program Term and Renewal for ANA Business Flyers ™

Companies that are approved for the Program will receive the Program Discounts for one year starting from their registration date. Companies that make Qualifying Purchases of $10,000 or more during their Program Year will be automatically renewed in the Program and in their new Year will receive the Program Discount they qualified for at the end of their preceding Year.

Companies that do not make Qualifying Purchases equal to $10,000 or more during the preceding Year will not qualify for renewal in the Program and beginning with the thirteenth month after their registration date will no longer receive the Program Discounts.

Ticket Purpose

Tickets must be used for business travel.

Regarding Ticket purchase

Please enter the Corporate Promotion Code provided by ANA in the promotion code section when making reservations and purchases through the ANA U.S.A. website.
Participants who fail to enter their Corporate Promotion Code will not receive a discount. Also, the Corporate Promotion Code is limited to new purchases at the ANA U.S.A. website and cannot be retroactively applied to previously made reservations and purchased tickets.

  • * Promotion Code given to ABF participants upon completion of registration is limited to new reservations/purchases made through the ANA U.S.A. website.
    (Promotion Code is not applicable for reservations/purchase made through any travel agencies.)

Regarding Corporate Promotion Code

ANA Business Flyers ™ desk will provide a Corporate Promotion Code for a 2% discount within one month after the registration approval. The Corporate Promotion Code can be used only by an employee, owner or affiliate of the registrant.

Also, you may qualify for and receive higher program discount levels (as listed above in "Benefits") during the year of your participation or upon renewal in the program.

Eligible Fare / Flights

Eligible ABF purchases must be for ANA operated transpacific trips originating in North America for the initial flight to Japan and/or Asia as offered for sale through the ANA U.S.A. website. Not eligible are codeshare flights operated by other airlines, tickets issued for solely Japanese domestic flights, single flights originating in Japan or Asia, and certain adjusted fares published on the ANA U.S. website. Fuel surcharge, insurance surcharge, and government imposed taxes and fees are not included in your Qualifying Purchases.

Reviewing the Total Amount of Qualifying Purchases

You can review your company's Total Amount of Qualifying Purchases through ABF Customer Log-in Site.