KidZania Gift Vouchers

KidZania Gift Vouchers (10,000 Mile Plan)

  • KidZania gift vouchers worth JPY 10,000 (JPY 500 voucher x 20)
Crane Riding Club Gift Coupons

Crane Riding Club Gift Coupons (10,000 Mile Plan)

  • Coupons for a horse riding experience (for 2 persons)
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Vouchers

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Annual Passport & Shop/Restaurant Vouchers (10,000 Mile Plan)

  • Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Annual Passport Redemption Voucher (for 2 Adult Annual Passports) and Shop/Restaurant Vouchers worth JPY 3,000 (JPY 1,000 voucher x 3)
SKY TREK Charter Flight Vouchers

SKY TREK Charter Flight Vouchers
(100,000 Mile Plan)

  • Use these vouchers to fly to 13 airports across 6 Hawaiian islands
Eiga Gift Digital Code

Eiga Gift 10,000-mile Plan

  • You can use this digital code to purchase MVTK same-day vouchers to see movies at the movie theater.

Eligible Customers

Only the ANA Mileage Club member, their spouse or same-sex partner, and relatives within 2 degrees of kinship are eligible to use coupons/vouchers.

  • *Only customers residing in Japan are eligible to exchange miles for coupons/vouchers.
  • *Accommodation and meal coupons/vouchers may only be used by the ANA Mileage Club member who requested them and one accompanying guest.
  • *Eligibility criteria may differ for some coupons/vouchers. For more details, please check the information for each coupon/voucher.
  • If a person other than the ANA Mileage Club member will use a coupon/voucher, said member must register that person as an award user.
  • *Click the Award User Registration link on the right to register.

Terms and Conditions

  • *If you do not have enough miles in your mileage balance for a redemption, the difference cannot be paid with cash or any other method.
  • *Cancellation is not possible once a request has been submitted for a product.
  • *After a request has been submitted, the product may require some time to be delivered. Advance reservations may be required when using coupons/vouchers, so please allow sufficient time when making a request. (In particular, delivery may require more time for requests made just before during the longer national holiday periods in Japan, including the year-end/New Year and Golden Week holidays.)
  • *Change will not be given when coupons/vouchers are used for payment.
  • *Coupons/vouchers which have exceeded the expiration date that is printed on the coupon/voucher will no longer be valid.
  • *Unused coupons/vouchers cannot be returned. Cash and mileage refunds will also not be given.
  • *Coupons/vouchers cannot be purchased or sold. Coupons/vouchers which have been purchased or sold will be invalidated.
  • *ANA is not responsible for any loss or theft of coupons/vouchers. Coupons/vouchers will not be reissued for any reason.
  • *Deliveries can only be made to the postal address that is registered as the delivery address on the requesting ANA Mileage Club member's account. Such postal addresses must be within Japan.
  • *SKY TREK vouchers are e-vouchers. After requesting your voucher, you can confirm details under My Menu by selecting e-Gift Card and retrieving the number. Please note that you will not receive paper vouchers.
  • Please make sure that both the delivery and home addresses which are registered to your account are correct before submitting a request.