Exclusive ANA Card member fare "Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder"

"Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder" can be reserved and changed on the day of boarding, and is a convenient and special fare exclusively for ANA Card members that is available for all domestic ANA routes. Ideal for businesses with flexible time!

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Save up to 47%*!
*The maximum discount percentage applies to the route between Tokyo (Haneda) and Okayama from December 1, 2017 to January 3, 2018 (excluding December 15, 2017 - January 3, 2018).

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For the "Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder" fare rules, see "Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder".

  • *Please note that reservations cannot be made more than two months in advance.
  • *The fares listed here are effective as of August 25, 2017. Fares may differ from the stated amounts depending on date of purchase. Passenger Facility Chargewill be charged additionally (only on flights arriving to/departing from the applicable airports).
  • *Fares are subject to change without prior notice. Changes to these fares will be announced at "Information on Fare Setting/Changes".
  • *The fare amount valid at the time of your purchase will be applied.Even if the fare amount changes after the ticket has been purchased, no additional charges or refunds will be made for any difference.For more details, please see " Domestic Fare Rules."
  • *Payment method is limited to the ANA card in the name of the passenger.
  • *Purchases are not possible using ANA cards issued outside Japan or "Mizuho Mileage Club/ANA".

What is the "Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder"?

The exclusive and convenient points are described below!

  1. Can be reserved or changed up to the day of boarding
    OK even if your meeting is extended!Can be changed on the day of boarding.
  2. Usable both one way and round trip
    2-segment tickets for the same route (passenger's name written on the ticket)
    Can be used either for a round trip or twice one way.
  3. 100% of miles accrue
  4. OK to use on Japan Domestic Flights
    Convenient for business trips to the countryside.

ANA Card enrollment

ANA Card

Ideal for business trips!You can use "Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder"

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