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Premium class

From Check-in to Boarding and Arrival

Use our exclusive counters to purchase flight tickets, carry out boarding procedures, and check in your baggage.

STEP 1 Airport Procedure

Customers who have reserved, purchased, and designated their seats may use the Online Check-in to skip the check-in process at the airport

Online Check-in

If there are any procedures required at the airport, the Premium Class Counter allows for speedy handling during crowded times.

* These counters are not available at certain airports.

Counter Locations by Airport

STEP 2 Checking in baggage

Checked baggage can weigh up to 40kg.Checked baggage will be given a priority baggage tag, and be delivered first upon arrival.

Further Details

STEP 3 Security Checkpoint

Passengers flying from New Chitose Airport, Haneda Airport Terminal Building 2, Itami Airport, Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal Building may use the Premium Class Security Checkpoint.

STEP 4 Lounge

Premium Class passengers can bring one accompanying passenger into the ANA Lounge.

In our lounges, you can enjoy services such as Wi-Fi access and a range of drinks to quench your thirst.

Further information regarding lounges

STEP 5 Boarding

Priority boarding begins after the elderly, passengers traveling with small children, expectant mothers, and those who require help have boarded.

Boarding procedures

STEP 6 On board

Spend your time on board in comfort with our special seats.

Seat Details

Carefully selected meals and beverages are provided on board.

Food and Drink Details

STEP 7 Baggage Claim, Disembarking

Disembark first after landing.Your checked baggage will be given priority handling and be delivered first at baggage claim.

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