Involuntary Refunds due to Irregularities beyond ANA's control (such as bad weather) [Domestic Japan Flights]

Information Regarding Processing Fees and Refund Periods

Point 1

When a refund is issued,no cancellation charges or refund charges will apply.

Point 2

Please make sure that you complete the refund process within 10 days from the departure date of your booked flight.

  • *Refunds are also offered for connecting flights and return flights resulting from an outbound flight cancellation.
    Please make the changes when you change your outbound flight.

[Convenient] Information Regarding Refunds Issued via the ANA Website / Mobile Website

When payment has been made via credit card, cash or ANA SKY COIN, it is possible to initiate a refund via the ANA Website / Mobile Website.

  • *On English site refunds can only be processed on the departure date of the booked flight.

Cases in which refunds cannot be issued via the ANA Website / Mobile Website

Refunds for the following types of tickets cannot be processed via the ANA Website / Mobile Website.The handling places of the refund are shown below.
Note, however, that there may be some differences in the way your refund is handled.

  • ・Tickets which have been paid for using "ANA Value Vouchers"
  • ・Partial refunds for itineraries using fares such as the Premium Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder, Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder, and Transit Value 28 Fare
  • ・Tickets purchased at the ANA airport counter or certain travel agencies

In the event that any of the above apply, refunds can be obtained via the ANA Domestic Reservation / Information Center.

Flight Awards

International Flights Tickets[Domestic route tickets purchased as a transfer from (or to) an international route]

ANA@desk Flight Tickets (e-Tickets issued via ANA@desk)

Package Tours / Group Travel

ANA Package Tours
Applicable Products: Sky Holiday / Tabisaku / WEB Only Tours / ANA Ikkyu Pack
Please contact ANA internet tour desk.

ANA Raku Pack
Please contact the Rakuten Travel Call Center as specified in your reservation confirmation e-mail.

ANA Jalan Pack
Please contact the ANA Jalan Pack Call Center as specified in your reservation confirmation e-mail.

Package Tours / Group Travel Not Specified Above
Please consult the travel agency where you made your purchase.


  • *Irrespective of the above, there may be instances in which refunds cannot be processed via the Internet, depending on the type of ticket issued, payment method or vendor.
  • *Refunds for return flights arising due to an outbound flight cancellation cannot be processed online when there exists a discrepancy with the original reservation.
    Please contact the ANA Domestic Reservation / Information Center.

Information Regarding Procedures for Obtaining a Refund Without Using the ANA Website / Mobile Website

[Refunds Processed by Phone]
Refunds are handled by the ANA Domestic Reservation / Information Center.

[Refunds Processed at the Airport]
Refunds are handled at the ANA Domestic Airport Counter.

Information Regarding Refund Methods and Number of Days Required

The method by which your refund is issued will depend on the payment method used at the time of purchase.

Credit card

Refund Method Number of Days
The refund will be paid to the credit card account used to make the purchase The timing of the refund application may differ based on your credit card company's closure date and refund processing procedure. It might take around 1 to 2 months to process the refund.
*Further time may be necessary based on the payment method.


Refund Method Number of Days
A refund will be issued via bank remittance to your specified account (remittance fees will be borne by ANA). ◆For Refunds through the ANA Website/Mobile Site
・Refunds can be made on the same day if applied for during the hours of operation for financial institutions.
・If your refund is processed outside of normal banking hours, you will receive your refund in your account on the following business day.

◆For Refunds Processed via the ANA Reservation / Information Center
・Funds will be returned to your account approximately 7 days after your refund is processed.

*More than 7 days may be required in some cases, including during the New Year holiday season and Golden Week.
*The processing time may even be longer in certain situations, such as during a financial institution system failure or when numerous flights are canceled due to inclement weather, etc.


Refund Method Number of Days
Refunds will be made in ANA SKY COIN. However, ANA SKY COIN that are expired at the time your refund is processed cannot be refunded. Your ANA SKY COIN will be returned immediately upon successful processing of your refund.

ANA Value Vouchers

Refund Method Number of Days
An ANA Value Voucher will be re-issued and sent to you in the mail. Please allow around 10 days once you have applied for a refund.