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Weight, Size, and Number of Items Which Can Be Checked in Free of Charge (International Flights)

This page provides information on the weight and size of items which can be checked in on international flights.


  • If a codeshare flight or flight operated by another airline is included in the itinerary, the baggage rules of the other airline may apply.

  • When traveling on Japanese domestic sectors using a ticket for which the International Conditions of Carriage apply, the baggage rules for international flights will apply.

  • Please be advised that in the event that it is impossible to confirm whether or not an item can be transported by airplane before the departure time, the request for transport may be rejected.

Free Baggage Allowance: Size Restraints and Rules


First Class

Up to 32 kg / 70 lb per piece

Business Class

Up to 32 kg / 70 lb per piece

Premium Economy, Economy Class

Up to 23 kg / 50 lb per piece *1

  • * 1

    Before ticketing 30JUN19, as for itinerary between Japan and Brazil via Atlantic Ocean (including between Japan and U.S.) with ANA flight, up to 32 kg / 70 lb per piece.


ANA First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, Economy Class

The total linear dimensions (length, width, height) per item is no more than 158 cm.

  • Includes wheels and handle

Number of Pieces

First Class

Up to 3 pieces

Business Class

Up to 2 pieces

Premium Economy, Economy Class

Up to 2 pieces

When traveling in Premium Class on Japan domestic sectors, the free baggage allowance for First Class will apply.

When traveling in Economy Class, the allowance for Premium Economy / Economy Class will apply.

Star Alliance Gold Members


Star Alliance Gold members can enjoy additional free baggage allowances.

  • How to Check the Free Baggage Allowance

    The free baggage allowance written on the flight ticket will apply.

  • Special Guidance for Each Country

    Prior to departure, we kindly ask you to check the Special Guidance for Each Country for information regarding customs, immigration, quarantine and security.

  • Points to Note on Checked Baggage

    • Please make sure to turn the power off of any electronic devices before you place them in baggage which you are going to check in.

    • The checked baggage of passengers arriving in or departing from the United States may be opened for inspection. Please see the information For those customers entering and departing the United States for details.

    • You will have to pay an Excess Baggage Charge if your check-in baggage exceeds the free allowance.

    • Depending on the size or weight, baggage may not be accepted for check-in. For details, please see Bulky Baggage.

    • Depending on the route or aircraft type, your baggage may not be accepted for check-in even if its total linear dimensions fall within 292 cm due to limited cargo space.

      For restrictions by aircraft type and route as well as the maximum length loadable depending on aircraft type, please check Restrictions By Aircraft Type and Flight Route.

    • ANA cannot be held liable for any damages or loss that may occur to fragile items on airplanes (such as watches, glass, etc.), electronic devices (such as computers and cameras), valuables, and daily necessities (such as medicines). Please do not check in these items.

Points to Note for Each Type of Baggage

Frequently Asked Questions About Baggage