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Changes and Refunds (Japan Domestic Flights)

Changes, cancellations, or refunds for reservations can be done online (ANA Website), at the ANA Reservation/Information Center, the ANA Domestic Airport Counter, or at the point of purchase.

Voluntary Changes and Refunds

Changes and Cancellations of Reservations

  • Make changes or cancellations to reservations before the corresponding flight departs.

  • Reservations can be modified on the ANA Website, at the ANA Domestic Reservation/Information Center, or the ANA Domestic Airport Counter.

  • If changes or cancellations are not made before the booked flight departs, the corresponding ticket cannot be transferred to another flight, even if it falls under fares that allow changes. Only refunds can be made.

    • *

      If the cancellation is not made prior to the departure of the reserved flight, the refund procedure cannot be performed on the ANA website. Please contact ANA Domestic Reservation/Information Center within 30days from the day after the scheduled departure of the booked flight.

  • For information on changing the departure or arrival airport for routes coming in or leaving from Tokyo, Osaka, the Northern Kyushu region (Fukuoka,Kitakyushu, Saga), and Hiroshima/Iwakun.Please refer to the Changes to Departure and Arrival Airports.

  • The passenger (the name on the flight ticket) cannot be changed. If there is a change of passenger, you must first refund the flight ticket and purchase a new one.

  • *

    Handling differs depending on the fare. Some fares cannot be changed.For details, see the Fare Guide.

Refunds for Tickets

  • Refunds are given for flight tickets and charge slips to customers who request them.

  • A verification code must be submitted (ANA Mileage Club Card, Confirmation Number, or the Credit Card Used for Payment).

  • In the case of refunds, specific fees(refund and cancellation charges) will be applied.

Refund period

Fares Allowing Changes

After it is purchased, within 30 days from the day after the expiration date of the flight ticket.

  • *

    For details about validity of flight tickets. Please refer to the Flight Tickets and ANA e-Tickets.

  • *

    If the booked flight is not canceled before departure, you have 30 days past the scheduled departure of the corresponding booked flight.

Fares Not Allowing Changes

After it is purchased, within 30 days from the day after the scheduled departure of the booked flight.

Refund Location

Refund locations differ depending on where you purchases the flight ticket.

Refund Locations by Ticket Purchase Location
Ticket Purchase Location Refund Location
ANA Website, ANA Reservation, Information Center ANAWebsite, ANA Domestic Reservation/Information Center
ANA Biz(available on ANA Biz only) ANA Biz Website
*Login may differ depending on the contract of your company.
ANA Website
ANA Biz Support
ANA Domestic Airport Counter ANA Domestic Reservation/Information Center,ANA Domestic Airport Counter
Travel Companies/Travel Websites Travel Companies Where Purchase is Available
  • *

    Note that the content and procedures differ for the following tickets.

Handling Details and Locations by Flight Ticket Type
Flight ticket types Handling Location
Flight Awards Visit the ANA Website or ANA Mileage Club Service Center. Handling details can be found.Please refer to the Refunds for Unused Awards.

International Flight Ticket

(Domestic Flight Ticket bought as a transfer from an International Route)

Visit the ANA Reservation/Information Center (International Routes) Handling details can be found. Please refer to the Changes and Refunds (International Flights).
(Package tours, tailor-made tours, etc. booked through a travel agent or travel website) Please contact the travel company where you made the purchase.

Repayment method and time period

Repayment differs depending on how you paid for the purchase.

Credit card payment
Repayment Method Time Period
Refunds will be made via the company of the credit card used for purchase.

The timing of the refund application may differ based on your credit card company's closure date and refund processing procedure. It might take around 1 to 2 months to process the refund.

*Further time may be necessary based on the payment method.

* In some cases, you will be charged of the service fee after the purchased amount and cancellation fee are processed at the same time. On the other hand, there are also cases in which you will be charged of the full amount purchased first. You will then receive your refund minus the service fee at a later time. For details, please contact your credit card company.

Cash : Refunds through the ANA Website
Repayment Method Time Period

Refunds will be transferred to designated accounts (transfer fees will be borne by customers).

* Cash will be refunded at airport counters.

  • - Refunds can be made on the same day if applied for during the hours of operation for financial institutions.
  • - If applied for outside of the hours of operation, refunds will be transferred on the next day.
Cash : Refunds through the ANA Reservation/Information Center
Repayment Method Time Period

Refunds will be transferred to designated accounts (transfer fees will be borne by customers).

* Cash will be refunded at airport counters.

Refunds will be made within approximately 7 days after application.

*It may require more than 7 days during the new year holidays and Golden Week.

*The processing time may even be longer in certain situations, such as a failure of a financial institution system or when numerous flights are canceled due to inclement weather, etc.

Repayment Method Time Period

Refunds will be made in ANA SKY COINS.

However, ANA SKY COINS that are expired at the time of refund processing cannot be refunded.

ANA SKY COINS will be refunded at the time the refund is processed.

Special Cases for Changes and Refunds

The following are special responses if you are unable to travel because of illness or a similar reason.

  • You can change to another flight within 30 days of your booked flight departure date.

  • You can get a full refund with no refund or cancellation charges incurred.

  • *

    Reservation changes and cancellations can be made via the ANA Domestic Reservation and Customer Service Center or at an ANA airport counter for Japan domestic flights before the departure time of the relevant flight.

  • *

    A doctor's note is required for changes or refunds due to illness or a similar reason.

Complete procedures at the ANA Domestic reservation/information center or ANA Domestic Airport Counter.

If the passenger has been diagnosed with influenza (or COVID19), refunds can be processed through the inquiry form. Please see ”[Domestic] I cannot board because I have the flu (or COVD19)“.