Environmental Communication

The ANA Group took part in Eco Life Fair 2015 organized by the Ministry of the Environment at Yoyogi Park. Eco Life Fair has been held since 1990 as one of the main events during Environment Month in June every year.

Inspired by the theme, "Protecting Our Beautiful Earth," nearly 100 booths representing the Ministry of the Environment, local public organizations, industry organizations, companies and NGOs were set up this year, and more than 115,000 people visited the event during the two days.

Showcasing the "ANA Hearty Forest" afforestation activities conducted in Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture, the ANA booth held a hands-on workshop where participants could learn about forestry, with cooperation provided by volunteers from the ANA Group and Minamisanriku locals. Children and parents who visited the booth were treated to stories about the mountains and forests told by people from the forest association. They also had the chance to draw pictures of forests on wooden medals made from sliced timber from thinned Japanese cypress, giving them a taste of the forest in the middle of Tokyo.

In addition, we exhibited a panel display introducing ANA's afforestation activities and a series of programs by which we are supporting the restoration of Minamisanriku Town.

The ANA Group's unique restoration support programs-including the renewed ANA carbon offset program using carbon offset credits (J-credits) produced through the "ANA Hearty Forest," the sale of timber goods using timber from forest-thinning by A-Style (with cooperation from All Nippon Airways Trading), and the Minamisanriku Natural Experience Tour (planned and organized by ANA Sales)-struck a chord with many visitors.

"What we can do for the sky, forests and our future-the ANA Group undertakes prompt and ongoing action to contribute to the hopes and dreams of an interconnected world." Guided by this principle, we will continue to implement various activities.

Environmental Support Miles (June 2016)

In June 2014, the ANA Group implemented the Tohoku Coastal Forest Restoration Miles and Coral Restoration Project Miles programs for ANA Mileage Club Members who wished to support these conservation efforts through mileage donations. Tohoku Coastal Forest Restoration Miles were used to support the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA) International, a public interest incorporated association. The OISCA leads the Coastal Forest Restoration Project, which aims to replant forests that were destroyed by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Coral Restoration Project Miles were used to support the ANA Group's Team Tyura Sango Project, which is now in its 12th year and aims to restore coral reefs off the coast of Onnason in Okinawa Prefecture.

Tohoku Coastal Forest Restoration Miles

Participation: 430 AMC Member accounts (900,000 miles = 900,000 yen)
Mileage was donated toward activities conducted by OISCA International, which is leading the Ten-Year Coastal Forest Restoration Project. As part of this project, residents of the affected communities cultivate saplings that will be planted in order to restore the beautiful coastal forests that were destroyed by the tsunami.

OISCA International

Tohoku Coastal Forest Regeneration Miles

Coral Restoration Project Miles

Participation: 271 AMC Member accounts (579,000 miles = 579,000 yen)
The coral reefs off the coast of Onnason, Okinawa Prefecture are being destroyed due to a combination of Crown-of-thorns starfish, red clay runoff, and chlorosis caused by rising seawater temperatures. Mileage was donated toward a coral restoration project that aims to revive these reefs.

Team Tyura Sango (Japanese site)

Coral Restoration Project Miles