Receipt issuing service (Japan Domestic Flights)

Here you will find information on how to issue receipts and use the Receipt Data Web Display Service.

  • Receipt Data Web Display Service is not available on smartphones.

Issue eligibility

Receipts can be issued via ANA for flight tickets purchased through designated locations.

  • ANA Website (Excluding convenience store payments)
  • ANA Reservation and Information Center
  • ANA domestic airport counter
Payment Method Issue eligibility
Credit card
Convenience Store ×
Pay-easy (ATM transaction)
Bank Transfer
Internet Banking
  • Receipts cannot be reissued. (The issue period for the Receipt Data Web Display Service can be used any number of times within the issue period.)
  • Receipts cannot be issued for ANA Biz / ANA@desk flight tickets.
    For details, please see the relevant website.
  • Receipts cannot be issued for ANA@desk tickets for corporate customers.
  • For Japan Domestic Flight Awards, receipts will only be issued if the itinerary contains a flight departing from or arriving at an airport for which a domestic passenger facility charge (PFC) is payable. Such receipts will show the amount paid for the PFC.
  • If you pay for your ticket at a convenience store, you can use the payment receipt you will receive as a receipt instead. For information on proper receipts, please speak with the convenience store staff when making your payment.

Cases in Which Receipt Inquiries Must be Directed at the Store of Purchase

  • When purchased your ticket from a source other than ANA, such as a travel agency and convenience store
  • Receipt for tickets issued by airlines with which it has interline transportation agreements with ANA.
  • Receipt for domestic tour packages

Issuance Periods/Methods

Below you will find information on how to issue and obtain receipts at the airport and how to issue them via the Receipt Data Web Display Service.
The period for issuing receipts and the number of times you can do so will vary depending on the method you use.

  • The Receipt Data Web Display Service is available on the PC version of the ANA website. It is not available on the Smartphone version of the website, and so we kindly request that customers who do not have access to a PC either issue their receipt at the airport or use the Receipt Application Form (by post).

This service displays receipt information (details) for tickets purchased on the ANA website, through the ANA Domestic Reservation and Customer Service Center, or at ANA domestic flight airport counters.

  • The data receipt does not differ from conventional receipts in terms of providing proof of the receipt content. However, as it is a digital document, customers should check in advance whether the printed form can be used for reimbursement of expenses.
Issuance period Up to 15 months after the ticket purchase date (must be the same calendar day as the ticket purchase date)
No. of Times Receipt Can be Issued There is no limit to number of times data can be displayed for a receipt while it is still within its issuance period.
How to Obtain Click on the Receipt Search button to view a receipt. Alternatively, go to the top page of the ANA website (PC), click on the Receipt/Certificate for Boarding button, and then perform the necessary procedures.
  • Receipts can be viewed by passenger and sector. (excludes purchases using multiple payment methods, "AMC Companion Fare" and "Connection Discount Fares")
  • The flight number displayed on receipt data for open tickets linked to a canceled reservation will be the originally reserved flight.
  • Receipt data for the fee can also be displayed (Receipts for handling fees cannot be viewed by passenger or sector.)
  • The name on the receipt can be changed.
  • You can choose to show or hide the details.

Points of Contact for Cases Where Receipt Data Web Display Service Cannot Be Used

Issuance period Up to 14 months after the ticket purchase date (must be the same calendar day as the ticket purchase date)
No. of Times Receipt Can be Issued 1
  • Receipts cannot be reissued.
How to Obtain Go to a self-service check-in machine or an airport counter for ANA domestic flights for ticket issuance.

Receipt Application Form (Post)

The Receipt Application Form can be used to request a receipt if it is difficult for you to obtain a receipt at the airport, or you cannot use the Receipt Data Web Display Service.
Please click on the ANA Mileage Club Member Passengers button or the General Access button to go to the form. Please note that your receipt will be posted to you.

Notes on Using the Receipt Application Form

  • Delivery may take between 7 and 10 days.
  • Please note that we cannot correspond by fax or email.
  • A maximum of 4 sectors can be issued each person.
  • Receipt for refund and cancel fee can be issued after refund.
  • If you are applying for a receipt for a flight ticket purchased using ANA SKY COIN or ANA Value Vouchers with a Receipt Application Form, the amount on the receipt issued will basically be the amount excluding ANA SKY COIN or ANA Value Voucher payment.

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