Reservation change due to Bad weather (ANA Flight Transfer)

  • *The details and process for customers using "Flight Awards," "ANA@desk Flight Tickets," "International Flight Tickets," "Package Tours," or "Group Tours" differ, so please seehere.
  • *You can also change the route of your reserved flight. However, customers are responsible for any incurred transportation costs.Please consult theANA Domestic reservation/information center.

Service Charges and Change Period

Point 1

There is no service charge for changes.
Changes can be made with the flight ticket you have.

Point 2

Make changes within 10 days of the departure date of your scheduled flight.

Point 3

Changes can be made to flights with available seats within 30 days of the departure date of your scheduled flight.

  • Eligible Change Period Guide Image

Fares Allowing Changes

  • You can also change it to an Open Ticket and use it on a later date.
  • ・Tickets with a long validity than the above period (10 days from booked flight departure date) can be used until the date expires.

Fares Not Allowing Changes

  • ・Changes can be made up to one time.
  • *If the changed flight is delayed or canceled, you may make another reservation change.
    (Fares not allowing changes: Premium Basic Fare/Premium Value Fare/Basic Fare/Transit Basic 7 Fare/Value Fare/Transit Value 28 Fare, etc.)

  • *When outbound flights are cancelled, you may change your returning and connecting flights.Please make the changes when you change your outbound flight.

[Convenient] Making changes on the ANA Website and Mobile Site

Changes can be made on the ANA Website and Mobile Site

  • *Processing may not be possible in some cases depending on the ticket type, payment method, and purchasing location.
  • *If reservation records do not match, inbound flights cannot be changed for outbound flight cancellations.Please contactthe ANA Domestic reservation/information center.

When boarding...
Customers that have reserved seats may use the SKiP service.Proceed directly to the security checkpoint on the date of boarding.

*If a refund is to be paid due to a difference in fare (or miles) for the flight, you must acquire a new 2D barcode after the change.(Your current 2D barcode is invalid.)
*Customers who have not reserved a seat should complete boarding procedures at an automated check-in machine.

Procedures for services other than the ANA Website and Mobile Site

【Procedure via Phone】
Call the ANA Domestic reservation/information center.

【Procedure at the Airport】
Visit the ANA Domestic Airport Counter.

Note that the content and procedures differ for the following tickets!

*Changes to a departing flight on the same day as your reservation will be handled at the airport counter.

Flight Awards

[Handling Location]

ANA@desk flight ticket (e-Ticket issued at ANA@desk)

[Handling Location]

International Flight Ticket [Domestic Flight Ticket bought as a transfer from an International Route]

[Handling Location]

Package Tour

[Handling Location]

  • ANA Website
    Change Eligibility: Until 1-2 days prior to scheduled departure date
    Boarding Eligibility: One day prior to one day after scheduled departure date
  • ・Consult with the travel company where you made the purchase.
    *Details are as below

ANA Package Tour
Eligible Products: Sky Holiday/Tabisaku/WEB only tour/ANA Ikyu Package

ANA Raku Pack
Contact the Rakuten Travel Call Center as mentioned in the reservation confirmation e-mail.

ANA Jalan Pack
Contact the ANA Jalan Pack Operation Center as mentioned in the reservation confirmation e-mail.

Other Package Tours
Consult with the travel agency you purchased it from.

Group Tours

[Handling Location]

  • ・Consult with the travel company where you made the purchase.