We offer a wide variety of menu items suitable for each meal.

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Premium meal
Premium meal
Premium meal
Premium meal

Savor the tastes of prestigious restaurants as you fly

Menus created in collaboration with renowned restaurants are available during dinner hours on flights from Haneda, Itami, New Chitose, Fukuoka, and Naha Airports.

Warm your belly and comfort your heart with a hot meal on board.

In Premium Class, hot meals are served during lunch and dinner hours on flights connecting Haneda, Itami, Kansai, New Chitose, Fukuoka, and Naha Airports.

Premium meal

Menus inspired by local cuisines

Menu items inspired by local cuisines are available on flights other than those departing from Haneda, Itami, New Chitose, Fukuoka, and Naha Airports.

Premium meal on flights departing from Sendai

Meals from Sendai

We are certain you will be delighted with our refreshing chirashizushi, with its sweet vinegared shrimp and scallop ligaments on sushi rice (Hitomebore rice from Miyagi prefecture) and colorfully garnished simmered shiitake mushrooms and egg strips. Cherry blossom paste cake, boiled field mustard greens, and mountain asparagus are tastefully arranged to create the feeling of a refreshing spring image. As a flavor accent, please also make sure to try Oukayaki-style grilled threadfin bream.


Premium meal on flights departing from Takamatsu

Meals from Takamatsu

Colorful chirashizushi using warabi, egg strips, and oboro, made with rice produced in Kagawa prefecture. We have prepared special spring dishes of bamboo shoots with sesame, simmered dishes, and Saikyoyaki-style grilled Spanish mackerel, a fish that is said to be a sign of spring in Kagawa prefecture.
After your meal, please enjoy hand-made olive pound cake made with Shodoshima-produced olives and local specialty Shoyu-mame.

Provided by: Chuoh CO.,LTD

Enjoy a variety of refreshments

During light meal hours, a selection of sweets and ANA's original light meals will be served. You can also take the sweets with you to enjoy after your flight.

Azuma Arare shop front

Azuma Arare

Founder Masuemi Kobayashi who ran a charcoal and rice wholesaler passed on machinery and technology to the master of business partner Edo Arare when he returned to Kansai. Azuma Arare was subsequently founded in Ryogoku, Tokyo in 1910, and this store originating in Tokyo became the beginnings of Azuma Arare Honpo. Azuma Arare has since been nurtured by the people of Ryogoku, and it reached its 100-year anniversary in 2010. The store will continue to bring the culture of Edo to the present day with the people of Ryogoku.

Available on even-numbered flights on all routes during light meal hours

Special Beverages on board

We serve a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
Sit back and relax with our carefully selected beverages.

Premium drink

This selection of champagne is served on flights between Haneda and Itami, Sapporo (New Chitose), Fukuoka, and Okinawa starting from September.

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Reserve Exclusive Brut
Champagne, France

A fresh citrus aroma of yuzu and kabosu intermingles with juicy pear and mirabelle plum aromas, along with a modest bouquet of roasted almond and hazelnut. Light, fresh, and vibrant Champagne with crisp acidity.
Pinot Noir / Meunier / Chardonnay

Premium drink

Limited time offer Drink

From March to May, we are offering, “Aromatic Kabosu” containing honey as limited time offer drink.

"Aromatic Kabosu" is made from sun-drenched kabosu, a green citrus fruit, picked at the height of its juiciness.
The fruits are grown in Oita, Japan's leading kabosu-producing prefecture.
Enjoy the faint sourness and sweet honey, which blend perfectly into a refreshing drink.

Premium drink

Support for your health

Vegetable juice is also available for customers who would like a healthier option. From March to May, we are offering a mixed juice made from Kuroda-Gosun carrots and Ourin apples.

This juice is a blend of 60% Kuroda-Gosun carrots harvested in Kyushu during the winter when nutrient levels are at their peak, and 40% freshly squeezed apple juice made from fragrant Ourin apples harvested in the Tohoku region.

Premium drink

* On some short-haul flights, refreshments will be served instead of meals.
* Food and drink services may be suspended depending on flight conditions.
* For domestic flights, we do not accept requests for special in-flight meals (e.g., allergen-free meals). Thank you for your understanding.
* With the exception of the sweets served during light meal hours, please do not take meals from the aircraft.
* If you must take a meal with you for unavoidable reasons, please note the storage instructions and expiration date on the label.
* The champagne or sparkling wine served may change on some routes, depending on changes of aircraft or other factors.
* All images are for illustrative purposes.

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