We offer a wide variety of menu items suitable for each meal.

Time Zone
Premium meal
Premium meal
Premium meal
Premium meal

Warm your belly and comfort your heart with a hot meal on board.

In Premium Class, hot meals are served during lunch and dinner hours on flights connecting Haneda, Itami, Kansai, Sapporo (New Chitose), Fukuoka, and Okinawa (Naha) Airports.
Due to flight time, Japanese miso soup will be served on routes other than Haneda-Itami.

* Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

Enjoy a variety of refreshments

During light meal hours, an excellent variety of sweet treats will be served in addition to ANA’s original light meals. We will serve exquisite desserts made by ANA's pastry chef on flights departing from Haneda Airport and ANA FINDELISH baked goods on flights departing from airports other than Haneda.
Please note that menu items may be different on some routes. For details, please see the menus by route.

Exquisite desserts made by ANA's pastry chef

Iyokan chocolate tart
Iyokan savarin
Iyokan roll cake

Exquisite desserts made by ANA's pastry chef


Strawberry or chocolate


Noriaki Aida, ANA Pastry Chef

ANA's pastry chef proudly presents a selection of desserts that bring the flavors of seasonal ingredients to the fore. Indulge in these desserts and allow their flavors to release you from the space and time constraints on board for a more comfortable flight.

Noriaki Aida, ANA Pastry Chef

Special Beverages on board

We serve a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
Sit back and relax with our carefully selected beverages.

Japanese Sake


* The brand below may be served instead.


Premium drink
Premium drink

Sparkling Wine

Veuve-Olivier Brut France

* The brand below may be served instead.

Brut Dargent Chardonnay France

Premium drink

White Wine

Château Tour de Mirambeau 2020 Bordeaux, France
Sauvignon Blanc / Sémillon / Muscadelle

* The brand below may be served instead.

Grand Palais Bordeaux Blanc 2018 Bordeaux, France
Sauvignon Blanc / Sémillon

Red Wine

Famille Perrin Vinsobres "Les Cornuds" 2018 Vinsobres, France
Grenache / Syrah

* The brand below may be served instead.

Château CAPENDU 2018 Languedoc Roussillon, France
Carignan / Grenache / Syrah

Premium drink
"Conrad Tokyo" Executive Sommelier Satoru Mori

"Conrad Tokyo" Executive Sommelier
Satoru Mori

To provide a moment of fun for meals in the premium class, I blended it by paying attention to the difference in grapes, tanks, barrels.


ANA's Original Coffee
―Coffee Journal in The Sky―

Try our special cup of coffee from Brazil, the Rainforest Alliance certified. Enjoy the notes of roasted nuts and sweet flavor like caramel.
The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization working to create a better future for people and nature.
To learn more about the Rainforest Alliance, visit ra.org/ja.

Premium drink

Support for your health

Vegetable juice is also available for customers who would like a healthier option. We are offering "Kagome Tomato Juice Foods with function claims".

100% tomato juice made from tomatoes ripened to a bright red color.
Enjoy the refreshing fragrance and mellow texture.
This product contains lycopene and GABA. Lycopene has been reported to increase HDL (good) cholesterol in the blood, and GABA has been reported to lower relatively high blood pressure. Recommended for those who are concerned about blood cholesterol and those with relatively high blood pressure.
* Unlike foods for specified health uses, this product has not been approved by the government.

Premium drink

* On some short-haul flights, refreshments will be served instead of meals.
* Food and drink services may be suspended depending on flight conditions.
* For domestic flights, we do not accept requests for special in-flight meals (e.g., allergen-free meals). Thank you for your understanding.
* With the exception of the sweets served during light meal hours, please do not take meals from the aircraft.
* If you must take a meal with you for unavoidable reasons, please note the storage instructions and expiration date on the label.
* All images are for illustrative purposes.

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